Let the sports gym and building your body in house with Mark Lauren

Let the sports gym and building your body in house with Mark Lauren

Perhaps you know the number of times that I intended to begin the exercise to stay healthy, then become tired about it because you think that one exercise two hours every day, for example, and you do not know what are the exercises that you have to do it from the ground up, you do not want to adversely impact the destruction of your body instead of building it because of ignorance !.

The alternative, which I find very suitable for all age categories and their diverse leisure, is a method developed by Marc Laurin to build “healthy” body first, “athlete” second, you can use it as you want on anything you want.

Marc Laurin 
Marc Laurin is a military physical training specialist, training that is used by many units of our army as a backbone in their training. This has allowed him being trained hundreds of elements of these troops, to monitor the effects his closely for over ten years, and develops them whenever necessary.

As expected, those military background is not caused by their training the body has a good appearance, but only ! out the bodies that are based sound manner that ensures the performance of the vital organs functioning perfectly under all possible conditions. The external appearance will come as an inevitable result of such exercises.

If you have read a book “You Are Your Own Gym“, you will find that it says at the beginning, “I want you to understand, I am Unlike many authors of books fitness, do not train movie stars and celebrities television nor respect their lifestyle look decent their body.”

Featured training does it require Any special devices for industrial performance, but all you need is your body! is your Hall that follows you whenever you analyze and go!. Maybe you need a few books as weights or towel in some exercises. It’s purpose exist around you always.

Why replace the machines in the flesh?

The philosophy of Lauren in his training by using the human body that we do not know a lot of facts and information about the possibilities of our bodies, and for this we spend millions in hardware industry useless if you compare what your body can do for free.

In contrast, we leave the smartest sports machine might find free day around you, you can’t be in any place without your body!. And that adopted their fitness from the first Olympic athlete’s Greeks and even special forces elements in modern armies did not practice in iron or heavy that they bought to train at home!.

He says Colonel in the US Air Force John Crane in the introduction to the book Lauren “Chorznniger to the world in the seventies may Ozarornold how important galleries sports gym, so it is said to have opened Chorznniger a thousand gym !. Now is the time to demonstrate the value of the human body and what it can do. It’s the new fitness revolution! “.

How to benefit in practice from Mark Lauren?

You’ll find writing a detailed explanation with pictures for each exercise which, in addition to several programs ready for training, each of which runs for ten weeks, to start immediately aware!. You’ll find an explanation of the methods to perform the exercises in a separate chapter before such programme

Important steps to restore your mental

 Are some steps and simple tips that you can restore your mental, intelligence, and agility through development of mental abilities, no longer passing normal IQ tests is the only gauge to determine the level of intelligence, but it became more detailed, it has become a success in work, social life, personal relationships and excellence and attendance and reaction speed and imagination of things that determine the level of intelligence and contribute to its assessment significantly.

  Here are some tips and steps that improve mental capacity, and improve the work of memory and increase the ability to absorb and analyze things  logically:

 –  Moderate physical activity on a daily basis:

  Get adequate sleep at night is very important, taking care to sleep for an hour in the middle of the day, the scientists pointed out that sleep at night not enough because the mind gets tired of the accumulation of information, and is in need of a bit of comfort to rearrange the information acquired.
– Spices help to save memory:
  Make sure to eat the spices especially turmeric in India and Thailand less than rates of deterioration of mental abilities significantly because they accept to eat plus a range of spices consisting of turmeric, cumin, and coriander.

 The importance of reading:

   Reading is important for memory training and fun, and if you are a fan of reading you must read one book just in General, or hearty novel.

– Accreditation on the memory as much as possible:

Relying on memory cells remembering activates, you can dispense with the phase-out of pen and paper to give a chance to the memory to save phone numbers and important dates, it is possible to perform simple calculations also without relying on a calculator, remember the numbers of things that stimulate memory cells.

– Away from the use of means of communication:

Must from time to time and again that total reliance on the use of mobile telephones and laptop and the iPad and other modern technological devices that reduce the adoption of a person on the mind and memory, it may seem difficult at first, but on the contrary, this procedure stimulates the mind even for a short period.

– Try learning a new language:

To learn a new language is very useful for cells of the mind, Learning generally increases the ability to concentrate, due to the acquisition of information stored in memory and then recalling it again, which It activates memory and increase efficiency.
 – Eat a piece of dark chocolate a day:

 They are a source of happiness and reduce feelings of depression, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease because they are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants also help reduce harmful cholesterol and thus saves of atherosclerosis primary cause of poor memory.


What is the best muscle building exercises or fitness?

  Some people prefer to do fitness exercises outdoors, while others prefer registration in Club to strengthen muscles, but what are the benefits of each type of risk to human health, and can combine them helpful or harmful?

Confused a lot of people who want to practice the sport of choice among fitness exercises or muscle strengthening, and wondering which is better for human health and what is the optimal duration for doing exercise?


The answer to these questions is not always easy because each type of sports has its advantages. But for starters, arguably is, whether one chooses to walk or run in the park or engage in bodybuilding Club that will benefit health and help strengthen immunity to diseases.

Prevention of cancer
Studies have shown that muscle strengthening exercises or fitness training both reduce blood pressure. It should be noted that these studies found no difference in blood analyses, although made to persons exercising different sports.

And appeared to all persons interviewed experience a slight improvement in cholesterol in the blood sugar level also have also declined. These studies concluded that the fitness and bodybuilding provide protection against heart disease and artery and prevent type II diabetes and cancer as well.


But for people who don’t want to just improve their health, but sports a higher rate and density than they take a decision on the sport they want to exercise, fitness exercises lead to burn more fat but not contribute greatly in building muscle. By contrast, consumes the body of athletes practicing bodybuilding exercises a lot of energy and burn fat even when you relax.
For bodybuilders is another benefit, “in addition to muscle strength also muscle density grows significantly,” says Michael Berenguer, Professor at the Institute of exercise science at the University of Cologne, Germany.
For each type of benefits

In many cases, health experts recommend combining physical fitness exercises and strength. Scientific analyses have shown wide in 2012, that combining two effective than only one type only, as the body loses more weight at the same time, the practice of both types of protection from injury and especially at the level of the back because of muscle strengthening exercises.


But drew more athletes during exercise their diversification, because a lot of fitness training impairs muscle building and strengthening, in contrast, did not affect muscle exercises to perform circulation.


“The combination of fitness exercises and power leads in six to seven weeks, first to strengthen the muscles just as occurs when only the sport of bodybuilding”, explains researcher Patrick sports.


But it also underlines that the then declining muscle mass, clearly because of fitness exercises. Whether bodybuilding or fitness exercises, experts emphasize the important issue is that sport alone is insufficient to reduce weight if not accompanied by a healthy diet. And sometimes increases the weight of some junior athletes despite exercising aerobics, they actually burn fat but at the same time increasing muscle mass.

6 steps to get rid of belly fat

Fat is accumulated and positioned in the abdominal area, the sworn enemy of any woman want to get a limber body, the abdominal fat problem they need to plan for effective elimination depends on oneself.
And the first step that you should know to get rid of an abdominal protrusion, keep the following tips that will help you defeat the belly fat.

Low-fat diet

Not equal diet and exercise enough is the main reason for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and can not get rid of the fat in that area without diets and sports supplement.
So make sure that your diet contains a lot of fiber, such as apples, strawberries and plums and peaches this dryer for fruits as vegetables must contain cauliflower, broccoli and carrots, beans, and at the same time the proportion of protein intake of lean meats with focus on eating a few pieces of meats such as chicken and beef fat-free.
Also make diet containing complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat and legumes, with an end to fried foods and fast foods and red meat.

Drink water

As far as drink enough water is what will lose him from the belly fat, drinking water helps to reduce the speed of the accumulation of abdominal fat, then the vital role of water in itself and is promoting the work of the liver which helps to burn fat naturally, and from here you should always keep your body moist for losing belly fat quickly.
For more diversity and not feel bored, drink different natural unsweetened juices.

A little walk

Exercise cardio exercises that focus primarily on the heart and blood vessels, necessities, which must take into account the calorie burn spam.Does not require sports hiking, just enough to go to market without the independence drive, besides walking, even for a short time help lose belly fat, it also stimulates circulation and makes your body full of energy until the end of the day.


There is no requirement to go daily to gyms to lose stubborn belly fat, you can practice some meaningful exercises at home but keep the practice of things that should not be tolerated. For example, daily exercise abdominal exercise is known even though only 15 minutes, if you want more achievement in getting rid of belly fat, try to participate in swimming lessons for one day a week only, and you will discover the difference really.

You can also participate in aerobics classes, dance movements for rhythm drives and burn fat.

The omission of some of the fast

I do not hear the advice of some of the need for the omission of one of the main meals, to get rid of belly fat, that advice is totally incorrect! Lack of eating three meals normally works on disrupting metabolism, thus affecting the rate of burning body fat, so eat unpeeled eating your main meals taking into account that the last meal at 7 pm and if not you should avoid lifting your hands from the food before 10 pm Max.


Try as much as possible to reduce the number of teaspoons of sugar you Add them for your drinks, sugar is the enemy of good shape, so try as much as possible, relying on fresh juice unsweetened, with gradual dose reduce sugar intake whenever possible.
the best fruits supplements the building and amplify muscle

the best fruits supplements the building and amplify muscle

There are lots of kinds of food that contain high percentages of sugars, but during the training you  need a lot of nutrients that are balanced in terms of nutritional value and low in sugar harmful, the  solution is a fruit, and there are many kinds of fruit, which is very friendly to those who want to  inflate the muscles and reduce the weight.

the banana :

Banana fruits that contain carbohydrates, it is in the breakfast re-store your diet muscle Algilakojin, who is also very useful for the renewal of energy stocks in the muscles, is a great source of potassium, which reduces muscle contraction.

Cranberries :
 There are a lot of scientists that cranberry and contents of an anti-oxidant, especially frozen it also is present in abundance in the supermarket, the body benefits from it a lot in the fat-burning and the production of calories needed for training hours.
Kiwi :
When you ask any player where you build muscles get too much vitamin Corange you say, but there is Kiwi has large amounts of anti-oxidants which helps to burn fat during exercise and vitamin C  necessary for the body.
Apples :
A lot of studies have shown that apple peel contains Ursolic acid, which increases the burning of fat as well as increased muscle blocks, with low levels of sugar, but the only drawback is that most of the fruit, which retains remnants of pesticides more than other fruits.
Avocado :
Is the fruit of fruit contain a large number of proteins and up to 13 g, according to a lot of players to build muscle, and also a large amount of fiber, which is the main source of fat heart unsaturated
monounsaturated useful words, you can drink it or eat it directly through power.
Watermelon :
Watermelon is very important acids it contains, it is useful to build muscle and amplified because it improves blood flow and allow more food and stimulant to the blood which works on recovery, and also helps to relax the muscles very healthy way.

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