Why is education the key to Success

Do you think that education is fundamental or just a secondary thing on the path to success? The majority of youth think that education is not necessary, if not a burden.

Personally, I don’t agree with them at all. I think education is the key to success and I am going to explain why in the few lines that follow.

Several economic studies affirm that just 15 % of the whole world population is sufficient to provide all the vitally important goods for the rest of the people.

In addition, globalization is the essential cause of the market transformations that happens nowadays. Finding a work where there are new ideas and where solutions are provided is becoming the best-paid job. And to be able to bring new ideas and to provide practical solutions, you must have a higher educational level. Education helps us learn, acquire knowledge and become smarter and more intelligent. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to have a high income and an enjoyable career.

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From this point of view, education becomes an essential element of our success, more than that; education becomes the key to success.

Certainly, flourishing life concerns not only having a good profession but also living a happy life. Another reason for the necessity of education is that a good educational level can be very useful in handling and be dealing with the daily life problems and concerns. For example, when you are a parent, you will absolutely need some fundamental psychological knowledge to help you to understand your children, relatives, friends and, other people.
But how exactly education can open so many doors and give us a lot of opportunities?

It’s very simple. When we are learning, we improve and we gain many main traits that can help people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Education is the key to success because it provides us with :

 Why is education the key to Success


A good profession:  The vital part of a human being’s life is to know what he wants, in order to choose what to learn exactly.
Literally, if you know exactly what you want, that will make it easier to set a plan for your life, to define your goals and, what you want to become.
Moreover, mastering a profession amplifies and frees our potential, which results in optimizing it.
Without a profession, you will never get a good job because you can’t qualify for any job specification for any responsibility.

– Enlightening: One of the greatest benefits of being educated is becoming enlightened.
Nowadays, new inventions are invented non-stop and without a good and solid education, it’s impossible to keep up with the flow, so if you don’t want to be left back, being educated is a must.

Besides, education helps you become self-dependent, financially independent and makes you smarter and more intelligent, which leads you to make perfect decisions and to find good solutions for any problem that can emerge in your daily life.

– Confidence: being well-educated leads to acquire confidence. Your degree is a proof of your knowledge, which, mostly, is taken seriously and makes your ideas, opinions and, thoughts more valuable and significant.
In addition to your degree, education makes you persuasive and convincing. Also, your facial expressions become wiser and smarter.

– The ability to anticipate things: One of the biggest factors of success is to be one step ahead of anything you do. In reality, success doesn’t come from just overcoming our flaws and weaknesses.
Successful people study themselves and oversee the potential made by their bad decisions, which results to outsmart themselves and make them go for unbelievably wise decisions.

However, reaching this point of wisdom demands a huge amount of knowledge, to be able to distinguish what can be called a bad decision and a good decision.

– The ability to transform Dreams into Reality: What’s your Dream? What’s your Goal? Do you want to be wealthy? Famous? Well-known by everyone? No matter what’s your goal, what truly matters is how you are going to make it become reality.

The key to all of the questions we asked above is education. Your mind and the education are the keys that can open any door for you. Certainly, there are some exceptions where knowledge isn’t essential, like in sports for example.

It’s true that sports just require your physical skills but, it may require some minimal amount of knowledge. But, in the majority of cases, education plays a very important role in turning your dreams and goals into reality.

Are there any points against the indispensability of education? I tried to find some arguments against that but I never met with any. Of course, there are a lot of drawbacks of the educational system that must be reviewed and improved. Nevertheless, this won’t change the fact that education is the key to success nowadays.


Entrepreneurship : How to exploit the bug to learn from it

  If you are wrong in your life then you are not going to become an entrepreneur never, the error is the real friend of every successful man so that he knows to walk steadily, march towards success and glamor.

All successful people in life, already caught in the number of errors that have made their careers seem more honest, and therefore more successful.

 A true entrepreneur has exploited the error to learn from him, and in his heart to a turning point in his life.

 Here are some sayings that drive learning from error and thus advance to complete success:

  – Director is not sitting in an Office, or receive the highest salary in the enterprise, but the Director is the person capable of stimulating working with him all the time, anywhere.

  – Who do not forgive others destroys the bridge that may need to pass it someday when making a mistake and asks them to forgive him.

 – Wise thinking minds and idiots think the minds of others.

 – If you had to choose one of two things, but you did not do, that in itself selection.

 – Wise is directing his wrath toward the problems to find solutions, not towards humans to give them excuses.

 – Life is a question of choice between multiple bouquets, followed by a difficult question essay.

 – From angry, he is completely well dealing with poison and waiting for others to die.

 – All human beings make mistakes, but only wise men are the ones who learn from their mistakes.

 – Leaders are at the forefront of seeing them, they are the first to know all the new, and the first to rise to the responsibility, and be the first to wake up in the morning.

–  Cast your anger in a sea of trouble, and insisting on the wrong keeps you there.


4 factors to building an effective team

Before the President or Director in the composition of the team starts, we should pay attention to several factors very important, in order to be an effective team and distinctive.
These factors are:

1- confidence
You are the Commander, then you must be grown in your team-confidence in themselves and in the entity to which they belong.The most serious threat to the entity team and dislocate their columns are lost confidence, questioning the ability of individuals to carry out their duties and their belonging to the group.

The successful team must spread confidence among its members, and must ensure that the work of the group will help them achieve their goals, and they together will do the impossible and making lots and lots.

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2 – give everyone the right to interest and appreciation:

The effective leader understands well that the instinct of humanity has always looked to who cares about and appreciates, so don’t neglect appreciated and all members of his team.This is not and as it should urge the members of his team to pay attention to each other as well.

3 – full discipline:
Staff will not succeed in his mission unless the team members a genuine desire and serious to participate in the required termination of work, and it is necessary to clarify the team’s mission for members and explain the reasons for choosing each member, with an emphasis on members of the necessity to be Mrihan to express their feelings with regard to their participation in the mission, and try to address any reservations they may have another. And preferably it shows the team members rewards and incentives that will be provided in the case of successful completion, and to make sure that Members know that the service within the team may be expressed to the more challenging tasks.

4 – Belief in the importance of cooperation:
Collaboration, and put hand in hand, and we do accomplish and produce more, we must believe in teamwork this matter.And all of us must be aware that the interest of the team above the individual, and that the collective success is the goal and objective.

When aware of the team these four tools to build a team, and when these factors become an integral part of their lives, they will be more powerful and effective, because their team is based on the forces can stand in the face of any problems or setbacks might hinder the way, team spirit will go towards all the success that is not bounded end.


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