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Sometimes, in life, we fail. We miss an exam, we miss a job interview, we don’t get our license…etc. These failures are damn boring, but do you think they could also have a positive side? According to the results of a recent research, failures could motivate us to succeed. It can even be one of the pathways to success.

To fail is not easy, but it is surmountable. It can even turn into a big advantage if you relativize well as it should. In life, we can’t succeed in everything. If that were the case, I believe that we couldn’t help but feel an admiration close to hatred for those who would have the gift of knowing everything, of winning everything.

We all have a person around us who won the big prize every year, who got his bachelor degree with honors, who is the most handsome of the family, who has the best job, it’s always him! The only thing he can’t do is to fail.


But in reality, the daily life of this person would be almost difficult to manage. Sometimes it seems that some people have that gift: they succeed in everything they do. We don’t know their failures because they may be silent or don’t shout on all roofs! Because that’s it, too, the thing: everyone fails from time to time, but not everyone feels the need or the urge to say it.

And that’s easy to explain. Because having to deal with a failure stings a bit, as well as having to formulate it. Because sometimes, when one fails in an exam, in a sports competition, in stopping a cigarette-type addiction…etc. you feel a kind of a shame, and assuming it aloud can make your cheeks turn pink (remember a bit of the time when you had to say in kindergarten that you pissed in your pants because you have not managed to reach the toilet in time).

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However, saying that is an opportunity to gather some tips that may be valuable to you and let you see failure as one of the pathways to success.

In addition, there is no reason to feel humiliated by a failure! Beyond all the ready-made phrases that sound not terrible but are nevertheless true based on «there are only those who don’t try who never fail “, we must know how to move away.

Don’t forget that you are not totally strange to the pressure you feel: often, without realizing it, we have internalized the pressure that comes from the outside. So my advice, after a failure, is to take a deep breath and think to make the difference: is it really useful to panic and depreciate? Another way of turning this question, even simpler: is this failure irremediable? There is little, very little stuff that we can fail without ever being able to retry.

A bachelor degree, exams, CAP or another diploma, it can be retaken the following year, being even better prepared. Of course, we must be patient, but what seems insurmountable in terms of waiting, if we look at the long-term, seems much less impressive if we go step by step. Instead of looking directly at the next exam session by finding the longest time, set yourself shorter goals.

Failure is one of the pathways to success


Some people didn’t need to fail to have the spirit of competition and success. I am not in this case, and I think we are quite a lot not to be.

I don’t know why we are so numerous and numerous to panic by imagining not having the permit, the bachelor degree, the Ph.D., a gold medal at the Olympic Games or any other first prize. I don’t know why we sometimes have the impression that time is running out for us: on the story of a life, a year, after all, it’s nothing, as long as we take advantage of it to succeed. That doesn’t mean that we mustn’t do everything possible to try to succeed right now, it just means that we must do everything possible to succeed immediately, but accept the possibility of having to try another day!

Failure can allow us to learn things about us. It can teach us that we will recover, that we will certainly experience other failures, that it does not necessarily mark our lives forever, that we can change our way by ourselves.

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