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Each of us is born unequal to dawn, genes seem to him. However, Monday morning is still a difficult predicament for all. Who has never paid his warning to a missing train point or date? This crucial moment determines the entire day.

And life is short so I have to create habits to enjoy your day to the fullest, here are these ideas to make your day fruitful and active

1/ Wake up early



If you get up in the morning is a torture, if you change schedules and have to get up early, or if you just decided to get up early to enjoy your morning, these tips are for you!

– the good gestures before going to bed (ban the coffee past 3 pm and alcohol before going to bed and turn off the computer or the TV half an hour in advance)

– calculate your sleep time (Do a test over a week, from how many hours of sleep do you feel rested?)

– go gradually (Do not go from an early morning alarm clock at 8 am to an alarm clock at 5:45 am direct. You may not hold on for the duration (to crack after two days, in sum.) Go there smoothly.)

– set yourself a morning goal (As for bedtime, here too the key is the ritual. Create a routine that gives you a smile in the morning!)

2 / To pray



“A good and beautiful prayer can last for a moment: just the time to say thank you or please.”

The one who regularly prays can calm more easily all those thoughts that turn on the head like a carousel, as an article of the Conference of German Bishops explains. How to get there, what to say and what to avoid when praying.

3/ Do some exercise to energize your body



Have you ever felt the need to do something that can keep you optimistic and happy all day? Then, physical exercise is the key. But how many of us do it daily? Physical exercise is one of the most important habits anyone needs to instill because the benefits it offers are immense. Here are the benefits

– Helps control your weight

– Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease

– Reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome:

– Revs your sex life

– Increases the life

– Energy Booster

4/ write a list of today’s tasks

write a list of today’s tasks


Writing a list of things to do in the day is a productivity technique often absent from the systems offered by the big names in personal organization. To put it simply, here are the reasons why this technique should become one of the pillars of your system.

– A natural weapon against procrastination

– A guarantee to accomplish the essentials

– The disappearance of the feeling of guilt

– Greater efficiency

– Time-saving at the end of each task

5/ Be sure to have breakfast

Be sure to have breakfast


Many people neglect or forget to have breakfast. Yet this act is essential to start the day well. Various reasons can cause the forgetfulness of the lunch including insufficient time or the absence of a feeling of hunger … See this tricks to not forget to take his small-lunch:

– prepare the breakfast table the night before

– avoid the routine and regularly change the breakfast menu

– get up a little earlier to have time to eat calmly and without stress

– start with a glass of fresh water to open your appetite

6/ Take care to go to work early

Take care to go to work early


7/ act actively

 act actively


8/ Read a book before bedtime

Read a book before bedtime


We must tell you that reading before sleep is healthy, there are several studies that tell us that reading for at least 15 minutes before going to sleep succeeds in relieving stress. Because it relaxes us, reduces anxiety and allows us to sleep quickly. But consider one thing: it is not good to read on the computer or on the phone, or even on the tablet. The light of these devices awakens us instead of relaxing.

9 / Sleep early

 Sleep early


“To go to bed early and get up early makes a man healthy, rich and wise” – Ben Franklin

Sleeping is a vital part of our existence. No one can survive without sleeping for more than 4 days. But it has become common knowledge that successful people are people who get up early.

End: we know (almost) all that we have one life, which we must enjoy, in short, we must enjoy our life to the fullest. The truth is God wants you to enjoy your life daily.



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