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[su_quote]”Many of the failures in life was people did not realize how close they were to success when they make surrender” Thomas Edison  [/su_quote]

In 1809 in a small village called Kopferaa, about 400 miles from Paris, Louis Braille was born and eyes of a child are beautifully envied by all who saw him and had a high degree of intelligence, and he has a great love Poll for his age as a child, sometimes he helps his father in his work, which is a manufacturing horse saddle and bridle.

And once, while his father was engaged in his work ,Louis decided to learn is also sew leather on the way he took a big needle, and a hammer and a piece of skin and put a piece of skin on the floor and proved by the needle and taking a knock on them with a hammer, trying to enter the needle in the skin the finds considerable resistance from the skin to the point that the needle skidded from his hand and unfortunately injured his eye deep wound, and fell to the ground crying and screaming in pain, and causing wounds quickly in the inflammation of the optic nerve and loss of vision in his left eye, and when he reached the age of 3 years hit the other eye inflammation and became totally blind , asks himself, “Why all this happens  me?” And felt sad and unity.

The patience


The days passed and his father sent him to take lessons in piano playing and became fond of him and also became very skillful in it, since the age of 8 years amounted became very famous in France, and when he was ten years old he began studying at the National Institute for the Blind in Paris and he was successful in music, mathematics, science and geography, the method of teaching reading at the Institute  by touching the large metal letters and to cut and paste on paper ,he was touching the children learn letters metal fingers and learn about the format ,in the belief Lewis that this method was not practical because the length of the letters he was about 3 inches in addition to that she was too heavy, which led him to spend a lot of time to think between him and himself that there must be a better way, and tried to begin the work of letters of thick skin, but progress in this way has been slow in addition to the troubles they faced in trying to implement it.

When he was twenty years old he was appointed an instructor at the Institute, one day while he was sitting in one of the cafes , I heard someone say that one of the French army officers discovered a way to call the silent soldiers belonging to the unity , He was using a skin stamped agreed forms and symbols.

Louis Braille jumped from joy and said, “I’ve found .. I’ve found “. During the week he met with the French officer and asked him about the way you use it, the officer explained to him that it is possible to make certain markings using pressure on a piece of paper, for example, one point meaning Progress, and two points meant the decline was the system followed by the officer include the use of 12 points and the officer asked Lewis whether he thought that in this way can the composition lettering complete the writing and the response of Lewis in the affirmative, and it will be the first blind in the world thanks him deeply.

Braille began to work and was insisting that reaches its target and also to use the least possible number of points, so this will be an easy way to education. In 1829 he succeeded in forming letters write using only 6 points and began to try and use in the Institute, in the 1839 publication of his way so that the world saw the discovery, and encountered significant resistance from everyone, including the institute itself, and wrote His first book contains a translation of poems  English poet blind John Milton,and so that he could write, use a large needle similar to those that caused the injury of blindness in the beginning.

Despite this discovery, but it was not accepted and not recognized, but he did not give up. He continued and remained on the education of the way his disciples and tried many times to submit his project to the French Academy, but this project has always been faced with rejection.

One day, one of his pupils play piano in one of the largest theaters of Paris, when she finished playing clapping her audience with great admiration, and everyone got up and express their appreciation for the performance of this student, He approached the audience and she said ” I’m not that deserved all this appreciation but who deserves is the guy who taught me through his discovery Ripper now he sleeps in the bed of the disease alone away from everyone “.

And newspapers and magazines began a vigorous campaign to support Louis Braille and supports his way as a result of the intense publicity that the French government has admitted this discovery and his friends ran to inform them, the beautiful news Braille said them and tears in his eye. “I cried three times in my life was when I first lost Bosra and the second was when I discovered the way of writing letters and this is the third, and this means that my life you did not go vain “.

In 1852 Braille died of cancer and did not exceed 43 years old. In 1929 after a hundred years of the reach of Braille lettering for typing in the advanced stage, France celebrates the anniversary They built a statue of him in his native village and when the statue was unveiled, hundreds of blind raise their hands so they can touch the face of the man who illuminated the way for them.

Today, there are more than 20 million blind around the world owe their thanks to this man who helped them to read and write, and access to the highest degree possible for them, all this achievement began one man who devoted his life to help himself and to help others and fully understand the power of patience.

Now, let’s draw you to this question ..How many times have succumbed to the position because of the inadequacy of patience? ..Do you know anyone who has spent a lot of time and money to achieve his dreams, but he surrendered after a long way and due to the lack of patience?…Did you hear sometimes say run out my patience?

Lack of patience is one of the reasons that lead to failure because you before you reach success often meet obstacles and contraindications and temporary challenges and if we’re not patient, you will not go beyond these obstacles and will be forced to give up to achieve your goals. He told the  Andrew Carnegie Man, who can master the patience he can master the patience he can master anything else.” 

It is possible to be enthusiastic and have a lot of energy and a wealth of information and put your dreams into action and committed to success, but if you do not have sufficient patience will lead to the demolition of your dreams.
And it does not mean patience doing nothing, hoping to reach the best results, the rules of Patience, the hard work and commitment and patience will only here for your benefit, you do everything in its power to achieve your dreams and you at the same time commitment to patients.

Norman Vincennes Bill has said in his book The Power of Positive Thinking “Do not despair usually be the last key in the key combination is the right to open the door.”

The greats of successful know that the greatest accomplishments have been achieved after they arrived at that point, which was in the opinion of those around them to that idea or that achievement cannot be achieved , whatever happens you have to commit yourself to achieve your dreams and be flexible and patient and be that person who can seize the opportunities of every problem facing and not the person who creates a problem of every opportunity offset.

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