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            “The quality of our lives depends on the way it treats ourselves and the way  We are treated by others”.

Contact is not only a kind of perception:
  “The perception, the mirror is not reality, and what I feel it is in  my mind a picture of what is reflected on the outside the way I look.”

What is your reaction when someone directing cash to you in front of others? Do you criticized anyone and you see the benefit, but noticed that he felt offended and he reacted defensively?

The answer to these questions will be a reflection of the nature of your perception.
Once he asked a marketing manager for the way in which when faced with difficult situations and deal with people who raise problems, and his answer was, “I usually ignore them, do you think I have time to be with” babysitter “for anyone?”.

Therefore, the perception of the situation made him believe that ignorance is the means to avoid such people, but this looks like a stopped clock so as not to pass the time, or not eating to avoid weight gain or lack of driving a car to avoid disasters. It is a fact and that ignoring conflicts or problems will not be a solution, as it will not change the position of something, but on the contrary it increases the position bad because you will lose Credibility as a manager, and they will lose their subordinates confidence in you as their leader, which would affect therefore the results of the work.


You need to take positive steps to change the situation, you have to identify the problems that may affect the results of your performance and also the spirit of your team, and dealing with others, not only to know what you are saying and the language you use. What is important is how you say it,  your success as a manager depends largely on your ability because dealing with any person under any circumstances.

Each sees things from a different angle, it applies to people and dealing with them, so you need to be flexible, and to understand the people and accepting them as they are. You have to consider things from the perspective of others as well, not your point of view, only you and try not to be keen to change the views of others to conform to your needs and your interests. Thomas A. said. Kempen:

Do not get angry if you can not make others as you  wish to be 
                                                     because you can not be what you wish to be.”

Try to correspond with people at their level, and make them feel that you and estimated by accepting them as they are, and the factor of each individual as a single person in itself.

Magic harmony

The art of achieving bottom contact with others is to create a kind of intimacy with another person.” Virginia Satir
Familiarity is the most important element in the Treat others and the harmony is to use the same tone of voice, facial changes, body movements even breathing system. Just like the other person, in order to achieve intimacy with someone, you’ll be met with him in the private world. You can feel that you are appreciated, and you embrace it so unique and a model that creates an atmosphere of trust and respect between you.
How to reach harmony:

1- the system of representation,We represent our own world through our senses,” D / Milton. This system means turning perceptions to the blades and is organized, stored and we refinery realization includes five systems, vision, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting They work together continuously, however, that when you everyone is these regulations limit the sovereignty of others. A third of the properties of this system, a person’s visual, auditory, sensory.

2- Eye and hints distinctive: that your eyes are not only a reflection of your thoughts, that the eye movements of great importance in determining why touring the imagination of any human being in the moment and certain when you can to collect the information is spoken and devise other person strategies, you can deal with it at the same level and create intimacy between you …

3- Vocabulary: The words and vocabulary that can be followed by anyone and malfunctions create words from full harmony with this person…

4-Compatibility: by compatibility with the language spoken with the other person, when you are driving a sense of camaraderie with the other I test the impact of such intimacy through change in behavior and note the other track your movements and whether it reflected your behavior

 – The compatibility with the other does not mean tradition, but compatibility creating intimacy between you.

Twenty Blocked in your contact with others

     “The communication in human relations is similar to breathing to  humans, Both of which aims to sustain life.”
        Virginia Satir

– No one at the intersection of speech
– Do not shout, “Stay calm”
– Do not make your reaction exaggerated and even fabricated focused attention on the result.
– Not complaining, but went to the right person and talk to him to solve the problem.
– You do not recognize that you know people are feeling and their demands but ask them about it.
– Do not be deceived by that people know what you feel and what you want but you have to express yourself to them.
– Do not make fun of one, and I respect the views of others.
– Do not criticize one (Especially in front of people).
– Do not argue, but listen and then explain your point of view.

– Do not threaten because it will come up negative result in the long term.
– Do not be negative open your heart to the new proposals.
– Do not talk too much Give an opportunity for others to share.
– Be fair, not biased to any party.
– Do not throw the blame, take responsibility.
– Leave no one speaks to you as you walk but waited and listened to him.
– Not too much in the use of such generalizations always. … never ….. all …
– Do not use words like should Replace, when, whatever
– Do not use the following words for it nerve; (but) … replace b (f), (why) .. Replace by (why), (if) … to replace (when), (try) to replace it … (I do)
– Do not diminish the others would, But much  glorification
– Do not overlook the personal problems of others, and showed sympathy with them, your interest and your understanding.

Ten tips you should follow 

  • People claimed their names
  • Listen encouraging others to express themselves.
  • Praise good performance and give him the right to praise and reward.
  • Always, express how you feel and what you want.
  • Forgive and forget the past, Let go fast.
  • He smiled even though it did not feel so.
  • Be friendly and pleasant.
  • Keep the information confidential when it is required.
  • Invite others to lunch to dinner, to certain suitable time to time.
  • feel everyone their importance
 Finally :The communication skills are the most important points in our lives, they rely on our dealings and we communicate within the group, which sends the spirit of stability, happiness and success in life, These skills are only a drop of Sea Manifestation Miracle  It’s really great, whether your wish is for more wealth, success, happiness, better relationships, or good health..


  1. I have studied journalism and more than half of our classes were on communication, be it verbal on non-verbal. It's very important to know how to communicate effective.

  2. communication skills hold maximum importance in a corporate scenario. Where a person has to be on his toes to represent themselves in a best possible manner. There, every measure needs to be taken to improve it further & in a best possible ways.

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