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                                “Human dignity lies in the idea of” Pascal

James Allen wrote, “By thinking man can evaluate his choices,” and in social psychology scientists thought knew that it would be the most important things that distinguish man from animal or plant or inanimate objects and whereby man can be compared to what is useful or not useful, what is positive and what is negative and so can choose what suits him of things and be responsible for his choice.

Read in Indian philosophy is wisdom says, “You are today where it came from your thoughts and you will be tomorrow where he takes your thoughts,” and in that fact because in order to feel or behavior must start thinking, Construction of is the root of all our behaviors and also our results and is the reason why psychological our case and happening organic and our image of self and self-appreciation and also the self-confidence or lack thereof! And during my research and my reading and find information attracted my attention in the book “Aladin factor” was written by Jack Canfield and Mark Levison Hanson – and is that human receives more than 60,000 the idea of a day, all you need these massive ideas quantity is the trend, if the trend has been negative take him and the ideas of memory buffers equal to 60000 the idea of the same kind, and if positive he took with him the same number of files, and positive ideas of memory buffers of the same its kind!

And it found in a search of the Faculty of Medicine in San Francisco in 1986 that more than 80% of the negative human thoughts and works against him. And if we have simple calculation and we take the ratio of the 80% of the sixty thousand, we find that the idea of the daily thoughts of our harvest is 48000 negative idea each of which causes feelings and behaviors and psychiatric disorders and also organic! Not worth it for us to be so keen to put before any idea in mind?

And now let me ask you.
If I felt hungry and found you have three choices, the first food from the family, and the second of a five-star hotel, and the third of the trash…

What is your choice?
Most of us would answer the first two options. Why? Because both of us keen on his life would not choose anything that affects the survival or life, is not it?

After the parents noticed that there is another world ocean familial, whether the brothers and sisters or grandmother or grandfather and uncle and maternal uncle and the children.
Here, the mind connects information received from the family environment, including programmed by, so that programming has become stronger than ever before.

Whether it’s from neighbors or from the grocer or the taxi driver or bus, and what people are saying in the social environment in which we live, and the mind continues to link the information received from an external source to the programming stored in the unconscious mind basis and thus increasing the power of programming.

Teachers and officials of the style of words and expressions and manners and behaviors, and to do that because of the strong influential school in the educational programming us was easy to take some of these behaviors, whether negative or positive and we add to the previous programming became firmly entrenched in the subconscious mind.

This source is one of the most dangerous sources programmings after parents, friends, where are considered the first personal achievement in our lives because the choice was ourselves without any influence from the parents, and also a sense of independence and social acceptance, it is possible to learn negative behaviors, such as smoking, drugs or alcohol or bad habits of various species, then the impact on the basic programming and thus programming meanings have become diverse and different files in memory buffers.

Only in this programming, which was the result of the ideas are our lives in the future and it shows through the way you live and your interaction with the various aspects of life, so these ideas can be fatal make your life hell, so you stand on these ideas and change for the better to save your life and promoted them to success all its aspects.

Let’s find out positive thinking strategies, To revive the spirit of change and seek to change the harmful and negative thoughts:

The strategies of positive thinking on the three pillars; thinker  is the maker of thoughts, and thoughts cause thinking, and thinking is causing the focus, and the focus is causing sensations and emotions caused the behavior, and the behavior causes the results, and the results determine the reality of your life, if you want to make a difference in your life is to recognize the thinker through the rehabilitation of self-change of thoughts and thus our perception of things change and change our lives.

Drawing curriculum more Applied to achieve success on the personal side and the physical and social I advise you by this thought elevators, it is great to put forward with positive thoughts and Applied curriculum and educational.


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