Keys to Success 6 : Expectations 0

“Now we are where our thoughts Bring our .. and we will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us” James Alan

Rang the phone and everyone slept in the middle of the night and I woke up Johnny suddenly from sleep panicked and took to cry and she says, “this phone is certain that about my dad will tell me now that he has died it is certain that this phone carries news painful I could not respond On this call, “.. and took a cry nervously, I wake up and wonder what all the news, and finally taking her husband headset phone and discovered that she calls by mistake and they were not intended in this call.
And now .. Does it happened to pass such experience?

What happens if you are driving your car on your way to work and suddenly noticed that a police car follow you in the same way? What Expect? .. You have probably increased blood pressure and notes that the police car beside you passed on the way to somewhere else.

And what happens if you arrived at your place of work and one of your colleagues tell you that your boss asked to meet you, what Expect? Maybe you expect that he will dismiss you from working and is, in fact, wants to invite you to dinner.

There are some people who are experts in thinking about everything bad and painful and always expect that this is what will happen in any case.
It is important to know that it is possible to be full of enthusiasm and energy and you have many skills and put all this into practice mentally and physically, but if you do not expect success will fail, all successful in life united by one thing and is watching the best of what life Whatever happened to them and they expect success more than anything else .. Expectation exactly like the car that takes you to where you want to go and as wise Konfeaches said, “what you are today is the result of all your thoughts.”

And now you this question .. Do you believe in a steady drumbeat of ideas? Did you thought about someone and at the same moment and grandmother calling you by telephone? Or do you expect something and then this thing happened already for example to find a place to park your car on the street in the very congestion?

If this happens then you have passed the test, “the law of expectations” and that the law says “all what you expect will happen with complete confidence in your life already.”
And we know through science metaphysicsthat the mind like a magnet attracts people and situations and conditions for cases of similar ideas”…

When we think in a positive way attract us by the positive attitudes and the opposite happens when we think in a negative way, we attract definitely us negative attitudes, and in this Horace said, “we often get what we expected” and it happened to the wounds of the famous brain Dr. David Kosin he predicted he would die brain cancer and it has actually happened and also that the expected Alone mothers that their children will enter the prison on charges of theft and may actually be happened that when the aggrandize of her children have spent time in prison for stealing a car, and have said that their mother was Always frequency that they one day would be their fate prison !!

There are those who say, “How do I expect anything to become of this life? I work pretty much every day hard, and I have five children and I have problems at work and at home so that I can not pay all the monthly dues and be lucky if it barely was able to keep on what I have actually, and after this you want me to expect good .. you are absolutely kidding. ”

Of course all of us can afford to think in the same way so that it is possible to write a book about everything that an error occurs in this life and cause us problems and wonder how this world is not fair for us, but at the same time that some scarring luck of what they receive in this minimum there other people living their dreams and expect success always and already succeed .. and you have to think and if for a moment in every successful bone who faced significant obstacles, but they predicted success and actually succeeded, and when their lives people live miserable way it is because of expectations that negative things will happen to them and indeed this is what they can get in this life.

Dr. Norman Vincennes Bill and said, “It is possible to expect better things for ourselves despite the bad conditions but the amazing fact is that when we look and we expect a good thing we often find him.”

Persons hapless focuses on failures and weaknesses in them, but happy they are focusing on the strengths in them and their ability to innovate Whatever your expectations, whether negative or positive, it will determine your own destiny, and there is wisdom says “we are causing the formation and accumulation of barrier dust and then complain about the inability the vision, “we expect failure and when we get it we complain and mourn our luck .. when you programmed your mind on positive outlook will start on your way to use your abilities and the fact only be able to achieve your dreams.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between truth and non-truth and do not make sense of things and is doing what is dictated by you on that, if you said to yourself, “I can do I do that” or, if you said to yourself, “I can not do that” what you say to your subconscious mind is the one who actually going to happen.

Now Here’s the recipe to get the positive outlook:
1 – When you feel like you’re telling yourself negative things you have to take notice immediately and order your subconscious mind cancellation .. “any cancellation of these negative things.”

2 – You change the negatives into positives. If you heard yourself say, “I can not do that and I will not be successful,” you alter this message to “I can do that and restock, and if it is possible for anyone else to succeed in that, I likewise I Success “.

3 – then act immediately depending on your plan and warn messages and negative signals received by your subconscious mind of your friends and your family and those around you, and do not allow anyone to program you to your expectations in a negative way.

4 – Start your day with positive expectations and tell yourself, “I expect it to be an excellent day today,” knowing that something good will happen to you.

5 – Expect the good and the best in people and the best of the best of what positions and in life.

Starting today rose your expectations and be always optimistic .. Helen kills, “he said the optimism is the faith that leads to success.”

And focused energy on the positive results that may be obtained.

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