Keys to Success 8 : Flexibility 3

                            “Wisdom is plus meditation experience“.                  Aristutens

There was a fly trying to get out of the window closed and remained to hover and spin from left to right and from top to bottom to be carried out all their energy, and she died and was near the door open and they did not even try to look for another way to get out and insisted on the one way back behind the other until she died, and was in its ability to get out of this predicament if they only tried.

A search was conducted on mice to see the ability to act they put a rat in a maze, and most recently in a piece of cheese and mouse began looking and looking, and every time you try a different tender that finally arrived for the piece of cheese and eaten. And it continued to experiment and in charge of it the place where the piece of cheese is placed and re-mouse again to a maze of place the beginning of a different, and of course, was the mouse former to the place where he found piece of cheese in the first time, but he did not find anything, and has been looking for in all an experienced anywhere other ways to get to that obtained in the end because of the advantage of flexibility.

Is there a difference between the behavior of the fly and the behavior of the mouse?
Of course there is a difference .. fly was insisting on going out of the window, but did not have the flexibility to look for a way out another, and the mouse was also insisting on a piece of cheese, but it was very flexible as it is every time faced with an obstacle or failure it stood for several seconds and change his plan and act quickly and thus won the reward and earned a piece of cheese at the end.

It is possible to be very enthusiastic and energy are too many and you have many skills and behave mentally and physically according to all that and has full determination, but if you do not have flexible and willing to change your plan every time you face challenges and difficulties, it is possible that fail, as happened exactly to fly.

In the book “self-greatness” Charles Geevins “he said to repeat the same attempts that lead to success will not change the outcome no matter how many attempts”. That is, it is possible that the business fails and tension and relationships end and announce companies go bankrupt and people lose control of their senses because they are trying to repeat the things that did not work before, and Some people are coming out of a bad relationship only to fall into another bad relationship exactly like her, or that a person leaves a job is tempting to join another, do not differ by much, Flexibility is one of the primary keys to success.

This is because the secret of Japanese success to their ability to rapidly adapt to others, and always do good for their achievements… The Japanese have a very faith in three words and live them and They apply in their daily lives:
The first word is Konechua and meaning “Welcome” and their greeting each other, and they also greet a stranger offset and add to that permanent smile.
The second word is Ariviato and meaning “thank you” and that they appreciate others and thank him.
The third word is Kaizen and meaning “continuous improvement” because they do everything they are doing and have right better than anyone else.

Flexibility and adaptation closer to achieving your goals, the captain is always ready to modify its trajectory throughout the journey until it reaches its end in the end.
And Dennis had said Whatley, in his book “fun work” “scientists do not know precisely what happened to the dinosaur, but they agree that he has not been able to adapt to environmental changes around it, the opposite of what they say about the rhinoceros, it does exist with us about 7 million of years and because of the excellent abilities to cope and deal with others”.

There Default NLP says thatflexibility is the control  .. most flexible in his style will be governed in more things.”

There is a story about resilience tells the story of a fisherman who was hunted and whenever graduated him a small fish were kept, and every time you go out big fish was thrown out at sea again, approached him a people and asked him and may overcome by curiosity. ” Is it possible to explain to me the secret of you received a big fish back to the sea and only a small fish reserves, “replied the fisherman and said,” I am very sad for this act, but I am compelled to it and I had no any other way as much as the cook a very small fish and I can not cook big fish in it so it threw him into the water again !! ..
If I have this fisherman sufficient flexibility he would have reviewed the possibilities and abilities, and he found a solution to that problem and what has all these big fish.

You also need to be flexible and ready for the word yourself and change your plan, because you will face significant challenges in life, it is possible, for example, to lose your job or be separated from your partner and all relationships end between you, you fortify yourself flexible enough to do all the necessary changes even stand on your feet again and going in the right way.

Let me ask you this question .. if you decided to spend a day at the seaside, and you order and processing everything, and took the dream to spend lovely time .. What do you do if the rain began to come down? .. Do you will spend the day at home, and my chest full of upset and kept complaining about the weather? .. Or take the family to spend the day somewhere else? .. Or invite some friends to visit you on this day?

Similarly, if the road, which I used to always overwhelmingly in the morning and you are going to work is closed to fix what do you do? ..Will you return to the house? ..Or do you look for another way?

Now Here’s the recipe to achieve the degree of flexibility:
1 –  Make a list of your goals, and then and arrange them according to priorities.
2 – Select the goal you want to achieve more than any other goal.
3 – Write down the three plans can help you achieve your goal, so that if one of the plans are ready and other plans did not work.
4 – predicted in advance the obstacles that could set up the experience and solutions for them.
5 – Make your mind is always receptive to new ideas.

6 – a day devoted time to review your plan and look for a way to improve any situation, beginning with the day and be ready for any change, and then fortify yourself flexible .. you will feel the change in your life for the better and will reach the pinnacle of success and happiness.


  1. To live trough failure successfully we may need to change the way we think about failure. Rather than viewing failure in a negative way where we put ourselves down and think WE are a failure, think of failure as a valuable learning experience. The only real failure is not learning from our mistakes.

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