Keys to Success 7: Commitment 0

Commitment: the seeds of achievement

         “People sometimes fail, not because of a lack of capacity but because of a lack of commitment” 
    Zig Ziglar

When the Walt Disney plans to create Epcot Center and faced difficulties to finance the project to the extent that 300 banks have to reject the project to be before one of the banks that the project is funded and became Epcot Center a reality after it was just a dream, and because of the strong commitment to Walt Disney.

And also, we find that Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times before he got to the invention of the light bulb and everyone has tried to come down from their determination and they told him that a large failure and it is better to distract from the subject, and was always reply that it did not fail, but he has discovered a way 999 is successful to invent the light bulb, and he did not give up because every plan is abolished is a step forward, and it is strongly obligation was able to achieve his dream that the whole world will benefit from it in our time.

There is also the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of Chicken companies Kentucky who had been referred to a pension at the age of 63 years and did not have a lot of money and receive my first check from the government pension of $ 93, but he refused to live on any and he had a social assistance a special way to prepare chicken and he was loved by a lot of people surrounding him, and tried to sell this way for some owners restaurants versus percentage of the profit, but it was rejected 17 restaurants that before one of the restaurants to try out this way and became this is the beginning of a great success for Colonel Sanders and this Kentucky restaurant has become widespread throughout the world and was the result of his pledge and commitment to those who were stronger than any failure.

A young man lost his job and mailed more than two thousand asked for jobs around the world, but they were met with all of them rejected, but he did not give up then sent two thousand others mail order and once again rejected the request of all the companies and finally came to him offer to work in the interests of Postal Service !! And it was told that day that his way of commitment is the way that could be the reason for his success in the work of interest.

Asked successful in securing work and income up to more than $ 600,000 annually from the new employee has a rep “When you lose hope in a client you could have bought the insurance policy from you, but it kind of difficult to believe and reject all attempts?” And the response was a veteran delegate “That depends on who of us will die before the other!”

It is possible that the degree of enthusiasm is very high and be great energy and you have the wealth of information, and your goal is specific and clear and be your dream by going on day and night and put your dream this into practice and also expect the pros to achieve this dream, but if you do not have destiny’s insufficient commitment to face the obstacles and barriers, you will fail. Many of the jobs are lost and many companies shut their doors and many of marital relations and demolish it all because of a lack of commitment.

Ray Kroc former president of McDonald’s say “I always went on, nothing in the world nothing can replace the determination, and talent alone is not enough, there are a large number of losers with talent, and intelligence alone is not enough. Many smart people did not reap from behind their wits, education alone is not enough the world is full of learners are useless, but persistence and determination are capable of everything. ”

Was the great achievers they had many reasons for the decline, or have faced many obstacles and landing in the determination and even cases of bankruptcy, but they did not surrender, and did not leave their dreams and they are convinced that one experience is not enough they have dedicated their lives to their dreams.
William Shakespeare’s “struggled for another breath in your life,” he said

What is the commitment?
Commitment is the force that causes us to continue even despite the difficult conditions and is the driving force that drives us to accomplish great works.

Commitment is the motivation that makes all mothers insist on teaching their children to walk. And is a strong pledge to change ordinary objects to become excellent things, and is the thing that makes you go long distances even under the rains, and is the one who comes out of the inside of all the potential and makes them at your disposal, and strong commitment you will not back down, and whenever I had the experience will open up for you the most opportunities and the greatest of success.

Dr. Robert Schuler said in his book The Power of thoughts “do the best you can and start small, but thought at a high level, you have to cross the consequences, and invested all that you have, and be always ready to act, and predicted obstacles, but do not let it prevents you from progress.”

You will not fail, but if you stop trying .. The key to success is simply “Do not despair,” .. and now you this question: How many times have you had dreams and I abandoned it because of the circumstances? Is not it time to release the latent powers trapped inside you? Is not it time to live your dreams?

Obligate  yourself to achieve your dreams, I give it everything you have whatever he around you from friends or relatives, and direct the energy to achieve your goals, and on the road to success will be met with a lot of challenges, you can address all ignored and does not give any consideration and overcome them, and went on and always remember to insist that eliminates resistance.

Now Here’s the recipe to reach the degree of commitment of power:

1 – promised yourself to be a better person within the family
– without three things you can improve your relationship with your family members and promised yourself that you are repeating a day.
– Combine the ones you love and closeness to you and express your love for them.
– Invite them to dinner or even a walk in a park or even in the open air.
– Helped around the house until the  bed processing.
– Showed everyone in the family that you are afraid on him already and you are committed.
If you do all these points will make everyone around you happy and you yourself will be happier than ever.

2 – commitment to your business
– without at least three things you can all the way to improve the level of business and promised yourself to be bound by its performance.
– Stay away from the chatter and negative about anyone conversations.
– Be always present and ready to help others.
– Clean your desk and always Make it organized.
– Go to your work early and be someone else leaves work.
– Show everyone that you care about them and that you care about your job.

3 –  commitment  yourself to be a compliment
– Make a list of the dates of birth of your family members, friends and co-workers and send them a congratulatory message or contact them by telephone on this occasion, or invite them to dinner.
– Dedicate yourself to doing that, and if things simple for the happiness of those around you.

4 – committed yourself to achieve your goals
– Focused on results rather than the activity itself or setbacks.
– Dedicate yourself to be in good health, and eating healthy food, and drink plenty of water, and then the performance of the sports daily exercise and  to Maintain to visit a doctor at times close and maintained an ideal weight and Stay away from any bad habit.

5 – commitment yourself to be the best in everything you are doing
– Bring two lectures a year at least
– Soldiered on reading for 20 minutes to edit your day.
– Soldiered on to always be in the vicinity of people successful.

6 – Dedicate yourself to the help of others 
– always lend a helping hand.
– I am giving charity to the poor.
– Give the flooding on the need to have a really needy people.

Finally, the commitment is the most important points in achieving everything you seek him, and so change your ideas for the advancement of your life,I recommend this exercise session it is rich for expression.


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