Keys to Success 8 : Flexibility

                            “Wisdom is plus meditation experience“.                  Aristutens

There was a fly trying to get out of the window closed and remained to hover and spin from left to right and from top to bottom to be carried out all their energy, and she died and was near the door open and they did not even try to look for another way to get out and insisted on the one way back behind the other until she died, and was in its ability to get out of this predicament if they only tried.

A search was conducted on mice to see the ability to act they put a rat in a maze, and most recently in a piece of cheese and mouse began looking and looking, and every time you try a different tender that finally arrived for the piece of cheese and eaten. And it continued to experiment and in charge of it the place where the piece of cheese is placed and re-mouse again to a maze of place the beginning of a different, and of course, was the mouse former to the place where he found piece of cheese in the first time, but he did not find anything, and has been looking for in all an experienced anywhere other ways to get to that obtained in the end because of the advantage of flexibility.

Is there a difference between the behavior of the fly and the behavior of the mouse?
Of course there is a difference .. fly was insisting on going out of the window, but did not have the flexibility to look for a way out another, and the mouse was also insisting on a piece of cheese, but it was very flexible as it is every time faced with an obstacle or failure it stood for several seconds and change his plan and act quickly and thus won the reward and earned a piece of cheese at the end.

It is possible to be very enthusiastic and energy are too many and you have many skills and behave mentally and physically according to all that and has full determination, but if you do not have flexible and willing to change your plan every time you face challenges and difficulties, it is possible that fail, as happened exactly to fly.

In the book “self-greatness” Charles Geevins “he said to repeat the same attempts that lead to success will not change the outcome no matter how many attempts”. That is, it is possible that the business fails and tension and relationships end and announce companies go bankrupt and people lose control of their senses because they are trying to repeat the things that did not work before, and Some people are coming out of a bad relationship only to fall into another bad relationship exactly like her, or that a person leaves a job is tempting to join another, do not differ by much, Flexibility is one of the primary keys to success.

This is because the secret of Japanese success to their ability to rapidly adapt to others, and always do good for their achievements… The Japanese have a very faith in three words and live them and They apply in their daily lives:
The first word is Konechua and meaning “Welcome” and their greeting each other, and they also greet a stranger offset and add to that permanent smile.
The second word is Ariviato and meaning “thank you” and that they appreciate others and thank him.
The third word is Kaizen and meaning “continuous improvement” because they do everything they are doing and have right better than anyone else.

Flexibility and adaptation closer to achieving your goals, the captain is always ready to modify its trajectory throughout the journey until it reaches its end in the end.
And Dennis had said Whatley, in his book “fun work” “scientists do not know precisely what happened to the dinosaur, but they agree that he has not been able to adapt to environmental changes around it, the opposite of what they say about the rhinoceros, it does exist with us about 7 million of years and because of the excellent abilities to cope and deal with others”.

There Default NLP says thatflexibility is the control  .. most flexible in his style will be governed in more things.”

There is a story about resilience tells the story of a fisherman who was hunted and whenever graduated him a small fish were kept, and every time you go out big fish was thrown out at sea again, approached him a people and asked him and may overcome by curiosity. ” Is it possible to explain to me the secret of you received a big fish back to the sea and only a small fish reserves, “replied the fisherman and said,” I am very sad for this act, but I am compelled to it and I had no any other way as much as the cook a very small fish and I can not cook big fish in it so it threw him into the water again !! ..
If I have this fisherman sufficient flexibility he would have reviewed the possibilities and abilities, and he found a solution to that problem and what has all these big fish.

You also need to be flexible and ready for the word yourself and change your plan, because you will face significant challenges in life, it is possible, for example, to lose your job or be separated from your partner and all relationships end between you, you fortify yourself flexible enough to do all the necessary changes even stand on your feet again and going in the right way.

Let me ask you this question .. if you decided to spend a day at the seaside, and you order and processing everything, and took the dream to spend lovely time .. What do you do if the rain began to come down? .. Do you will spend the day at home, and my chest full of upset and kept complaining about the weather? .. Or take the family to spend the day somewhere else? .. Or invite some friends to visit you on this day?

Similarly, if the road, which I used to always overwhelmingly in the morning and you are going to work is closed to fix what do you do? ..Will you return to the house? ..Or do you look for another way?

Now Here’s the recipe to achieve the degree of flexibility:
1 –  Make a list of your goals, and then and arrange them according to priorities.
2 – Select the goal you want to achieve more than any other goal.
3 – Write down the three plans can help you achieve your goal, so that if one of the plans are ready and other plans did not work.
4 – predicted in advance the obstacles that could set up the experience and solutions for them.
5 – Make your mind is always receptive to new ideas.

6 – a day devoted time to review your plan and look for a way to improve any situation, beginning with the day and be ready for any change, and then fortify yourself flexible .. you will feel the change in your life for the better and will reach the pinnacle of success and happiness.

Keys to Success 7: Commitment

Commitment: the seeds of achievement

         “People sometimes fail, not because of a lack of capacity but because of a lack of commitment” 
    Zig Ziglar

When the Walt Disney plans to create Epcot Center and faced difficulties to finance the project to the extent that 300 banks have to reject the project to be before one of the banks that the project is funded and became Epcot Center a reality after it was just a dream, and because of the strong commitment to Walt Disney.

And also, we find that Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times before he got to the invention of the light bulb and everyone has tried to come down from their determination and they told him that a large failure and it is better to distract from the subject, and was always reply that it did not fail, but he has discovered a way 999 is successful to invent the light bulb, and he did not give up because every plan is abolished is a step forward, and it is strongly obligation was able to achieve his dream that the whole world will benefit from it in our time.

There is also the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of Chicken companies Kentucky who had been referred to a pension at the age of 63 years and did not have a lot of money and receive my first check from the government pension of $ 93, but he refused to live on any and he had a social assistance a special way to prepare chicken and he was loved by a lot of people surrounding him, and tried to sell this way for some owners restaurants versus percentage of the profit, but it was rejected 17 restaurants that before one of the restaurants to try out this way and became this is the beginning of a great success for Colonel Sanders and this Kentucky restaurant has become widespread throughout the world and was the result of his pledge and commitment to those who were stronger than any failure.

A young man lost his job and mailed more than two thousand asked for jobs around the world, but they were met with all of them rejected, but he did not give up then sent two thousand others mail order and once again rejected the request of all the companies and finally came to him offer to work in the interests of Postal Service !! And it was told that day that his way of commitment is the way that could be the reason for his success in the work of interest.

Asked successful in securing work and income up to more than $ 600,000 annually from the new employee has a rep “When you lose hope in a client you could have bought the insurance policy from you, but it kind of difficult to believe and reject all attempts?” And the response was a veteran delegate “That depends on who of us will die before the other!”

It is possible that the degree of enthusiasm is very high and be great energy and you have the wealth of information, and your goal is specific and clear and be your dream by going on day and night and put your dream this into practice and also expect the pros to achieve this dream, but if you do not have destiny’s insufficient commitment to face the obstacles and barriers, you will fail. Many of the jobs are lost and many companies shut their doors and many of marital relations and demolish it all because of a lack of commitment.

Ray Kroc former president of McDonald’s say “I always went on, nothing in the world nothing can replace the determination, and talent alone is not enough, there are a large number of losers with talent, and intelligence alone is not enough. Many smart people did not reap from behind their wits, education alone is not enough the world is full of learners are useless, but persistence and determination are capable of everything. ”

Was the great achievers they had many reasons for the decline, or have faced many obstacles and landing in the determination and even cases of bankruptcy, but they did not surrender, and did not leave their dreams and they are convinced that one experience is not enough they have dedicated their lives to their dreams.
William Shakespeare’s “struggled for another breath in your life,” he said

What is the commitment?
Commitment is the force that causes us to continue even despite the difficult conditions and is the driving force that drives us to accomplish great works.

Commitment is the motivation that makes all mothers insist on teaching their children to walk. And is a strong pledge to change ordinary objects to become excellent things, and is the thing that makes you go long distances even under the rains, and is the one who comes out of the inside of all the potential and makes them at your disposal, and strong commitment you will not back down, and whenever I had the experience will open up for you the most opportunities and the greatest of success.

Dr. Robert Schuler said in his book The Power of thoughts “do the best you can and start small, but thought at a high level, you have to cross the consequences, and invested all that you have, and be always ready to act, and predicted obstacles, but do not let it prevents you from progress.”

You will not fail, but if you stop trying .. The key to success is simply “Do not despair,” .. and now you this question: How many times have you had dreams and I abandoned it because of the circumstances? Is not it time to release the latent powers trapped inside you? Is not it time to live your dreams?

Obligate  yourself to achieve your dreams, I give it everything you have whatever he around you from friends or relatives, and direct the energy to achieve your goals, and on the road to success will be met with a lot of challenges, you can address all ignored and does not give any consideration and overcome them, and went on and always remember to insist that eliminates resistance.

Now Here’s the recipe to reach the degree of commitment of power:

1 – promised yourself to be a better person within the family
– without three things you can improve your relationship with your family members and promised yourself that you are repeating a day.
– Combine the ones you love and closeness to you and express your love for them.
– Invite them to dinner or even a walk in a park or even in the open air.
– Helped around the house until the  bed processing.
– Showed everyone in the family that you are afraid on him already and you are committed.
If you do all these points will make everyone around you happy and you yourself will be happier than ever.

2 – commitment to your business
– without at least three things you can all the way to improve the level of business and promised yourself to be bound by its performance.
– Stay away from the chatter and negative about anyone conversations.
– Be always present and ready to help others.
– Clean your desk and always Make it organized.
– Go to your work early and be someone else leaves work.
– Show everyone that you care about them and that you care about your job.

3 –  commitment  yourself to be a compliment
– Make a list of the dates of birth of your family members, friends and co-workers and send them a congratulatory message or contact them by telephone on this occasion, or invite them to dinner.
– Dedicate yourself to doing that, and if things simple for the happiness of those around you.

4 – committed yourself to achieve your goals
– Focused on results rather than the activity itself or setbacks.
– Dedicate yourself to be in good health, and eating healthy food, and drink plenty of water, and then the performance of the sports daily exercise and  to Maintain to visit a doctor at times close and maintained an ideal weight and Stay away from any bad habit.

5 – commitment yourself to be the best in everything you are doing
– Bring two lectures a year at least
– Soldiered on reading for 20 minutes to edit your day.
– Soldiered on to always be in the vicinity of people successful.

6 – Dedicate yourself to the help of others 
– always lend a helping hand.
– I am giving charity to the poor.
– Give the flooding on the need to have a really needy people.

Finally, the commitment is the most important points in achieving everything you seek him, and so change your ideas for the advancement of your life,I recommend this exercise session it is rich for expression.



While changing your thoughts change your life

                                “Human dignity lies in the idea of” Pascal

James Allen wrote, “By thinking man can evaluate his choices,” and in social psychology scientists thought knew that it would be the most important things that distinguish man from animal or plant or inanimate objects and whereby man can be compared to what is useful or not useful, what is positive and what is negative and so can choose what suits him of things and be responsible for his choice.

Read in Indian philosophy is wisdom says, “You are today where it came from your thoughts and you will be tomorrow where he takes your thoughts,” and in that fact because in order to feel or behavior must start thinking, Construction of is the root of all our behaviors and also our results and is the reason why psychological our case and happening organic and our image of self and self-appreciation and also the self-confidence or lack thereof! And during my research and my reading and find information attracted my attention in the book “Aladin factor” was written by Jack Canfield and Mark Levison Hanson – and is that human receives more than 60,000 the idea of a day, all you need these massive ideas quantity is the trend, if the trend has been negative take him and the ideas of memory buffers equal to 60000 the idea of the same kind, and if positive he took with him the same number of files, and positive ideas of memory buffers of the same its kind!

And it found in a search of the Faculty of Medicine in San Francisco in 1986 that more than 80% of the negative human thoughts and works against him. And if we have simple calculation and we take the ratio of the 80% of the sixty thousand, we find that the idea of the daily thoughts of our harvest is 48000 negative idea each of which causes feelings and behaviors and psychiatric disorders and also organic! Not worth it for us to be so keen to put before any idea in mind?

And now let me ask you.
If I felt hungry and found you have three choices, the first food from the family, and the second of a five-star hotel, and the third of the trash…

What is your choice?
Most of us would answer the first two options. Why? Because both of us keen on his life would not choose anything that affects the survival or life, is not it?

After the parents noticed that there is another world ocean familial, whether the brothers and sisters or grandmother or grandfather and uncle and maternal uncle and the children.
Here, the mind connects information received from the family environment, including programmed by, so that programming has become stronger than ever before.

Whether it’s from neighbors or from the grocer or the taxi driver or bus, and what people are saying in the social environment in which we live, and the mind continues to link the information received from an external source to the programming stored in the unconscious mind basis and thus increasing the power of programming.

Teachers and officials of the style of words and expressions and manners and behaviors, and to do that because of the strong influential school in the educational programming us was easy to take some of these behaviors, whether negative or positive and we add to the previous programming became firmly entrenched in the subconscious mind.

This source is one of the most dangerous sources programmings after parents, friends, where are considered the first personal achievement in our lives because the choice was ourselves without any influence from the parents, and also a sense of independence and social acceptance, it is possible to learn negative behaviors, such as smoking, drugs or alcohol or bad habits of various species, then the impact on the basic programming and thus programming meanings have become diverse and different files in memory buffers.

Only in this programming, which was the result of the ideas are our lives in the future and it shows through the way you live and your interaction with the various aspects of life, so these ideas can be fatal make your life hell, so you stand on these ideas and change for the better to save your life and promoted them to success all its aspects.

Let’s find out positive thinking strategies, To revive the spirit of change and seek to change the harmful and negative thoughts:

The strategies of positive thinking on the three pillars; thinker  is the maker of thoughts, and thoughts cause thinking, and thinking is causing the focus, and the focus is causing sensations and emotions caused the behavior, and the behavior causes the results, and the results determine the reality of your life, if you want to make a difference in your life is to recognize the thinker through the rehabilitation of self-change of thoughts and thus our perception of things change and change our lives.

Drawing curriculum more Applied to achieve success on the personal side and the physical and social I advise you by this thought elevators, it is great to put forward with positive thoughts and Applied curriculum and educational.


Keys to Success : Expectations

Keys to Success 6 : Expectations

“Now we are where our thoughts Bring our .. and we will be tomorrow where our thoughts take us” James Alan

Rang the phone and everyone slept in the middle of the night and I woke up Johnny suddenly from sleep panicked and took to cry and she says, “this phone is certain that about my dad will tell me now that he has died it is certain that this phone carries news painful I could not respond On this call, “.. and took a cry nervously, I wake up and wonder what all the news, and finally taking her husband headset phone and discovered that she calls by mistake and they were not intended in this call.
And now .. Does it happened to pass such experience?

What happens if you are driving your car on your way to work and suddenly noticed that a police car follow you in the same way? What Expect? .. You have probably increased blood pressure and notes that the police car beside you passed on the way to somewhere else.

And what happens if you arrived at your place of work and one of your colleagues tell you that your boss asked to meet you, what Expect? Maybe you expect that he will dismiss you from working and is, in fact, wants to invite you to dinner.

There are some people who are experts in thinking about everything bad and painful and always expect that this is what will happen in any case.
It is important to know that it is possible to be full of enthusiasm and energy and you have many skills and put all this into practice mentally and physically, but if you do not expect success will fail, all successful in life united by one thing and is watching the best of what life Whatever happened to them and they expect success more than anything else .. Expectation exactly like the car that takes you to where you want to go and as wise Konfeaches said, “what you are today is the result of all your thoughts.”

And now you this question .. Do you believe in a steady drumbeat of ideas? Did you thought about someone and at the same moment and grandmother calling you by telephone? Or do you expect something and then this thing happened already for example to find a place to park your car on the street in the very congestion?

If this happens then you have passed the test, “the law of expectations” and that the law says “all what you expect will happen with complete confidence in your life already.”
And we know through science metaphysicsthat the mind like a magnet attracts people and situations and conditions for cases of similar ideas”…

When we think in a positive way attract us by the positive attitudes and the opposite happens when we think in a negative way, we attract definitely us negative attitudes, and in this Horace said, “we often get what we expected” and it happened to the wounds of the famous brain Dr. David Kosin he predicted he would die brain cancer and it has actually happened and also that the expected Alone mothers that their children will enter the prison on charges of theft and may actually be happened that when the aggrandize of her children have spent time in prison for stealing a car, and have said that their mother was Always frequency that they one day would be their fate prison !!

There are those who say, “How do I expect anything to become of this life? I work pretty much every day hard, and I have five children and I have problems at work and at home so that I can not pay all the monthly dues and be lucky if it barely was able to keep on what I have actually, and after this you want me to expect good .. you are absolutely kidding. ”

Of course all of us can afford to think in the same way so that it is possible to write a book about everything that an error occurs in this life and cause us problems and wonder how this world is not fair for us, but at the same time that some scarring luck of what they receive in this minimum there other people living their dreams and expect success always and already succeed .. and you have to think and if for a moment in every successful bone who faced significant obstacles, but they predicted success and actually succeeded, and when their lives people live miserable way it is because of expectations that negative things will happen to them and indeed this is what they can get in this life.

Dr. Norman Vincennes Bill and said, “It is possible to expect better things for ourselves despite the bad conditions but the amazing fact is that when we look and we expect a good thing we often find him.”

Persons hapless focuses on failures and weaknesses in them, but happy they are focusing on the strengths in them and their ability to innovate Whatever your expectations, whether negative or positive, it will determine your own destiny, and there is wisdom says “we are causing the formation and accumulation of barrier dust and then complain about the inability the vision, “we expect failure and when we get it we complain and mourn our luck .. when you programmed your mind on positive outlook will start on your way to use your abilities and the fact only be able to achieve your dreams.

The subconscious mind does not differentiate between truth and non-truth and do not make sense of things and is doing what is dictated by you on that, if you said to yourself, “I can do I do that” or, if you said to yourself, “I can not do that” what you say to your subconscious mind is the one who actually going to happen.

Now Here’s the recipe to get the positive outlook:
1 – When you feel like you’re telling yourself negative things you have to take notice immediately and order your subconscious mind cancellation .. “any cancellation of these negative things.”

2 – You change the negatives into positives. If you heard yourself say, “I can not do that and I will not be successful,” you alter this message to “I can do that and restock, and if it is possible for anyone else to succeed in that, I likewise I Success “.

3 – then act immediately depending on your plan and warn messages and negative signals received by your subconscious mind of your friends and your family and those around you, and do not allow anyone to program you to your expectations in a negative way.

4 – Start your day with positive expectations and tell yourself, “I expect it to be an excellent day today,” knowing that something good will happen to you.

5 – Expect the good and the best in people and the best of the best of what positions and in life.

Starting today rose your expectations and be always optimistic .. Helen kills, “he said the optimism is the faith that leads to success.”

And focused energy on the positive results that may be obtained.

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