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     If failures (sensory or just) leads to a bad impression of the self, success also leads to good self-esteem, but success rarely comes  suddenly, it comes from paying attention to the rules, for example, win football games through the provisions of Defense and close control of competitors than achieved by the unexpected event artistic or dramatic breakthroughs prove memory.

And in the game of baseball, generally, win by hitting the ball with the racket of only one throw. 
The races that take place within the family is not the rule, but the exception.We rarely turn suddenly walk slowly and aimlessly to long jump at once.we should achieve small victories in succession to come a day when we may realize we won the war.

    Often see self as something fixed inside us, while we in truth nature flexible and varies depending on the aspects of our lives, when suddenly everything collapses-work and love and outward appearance and friendships and family, we feel our value breaks down in the case.

Every one of us has passed with success stories and other unsuccessful, sometimes we continuance Summit, and other times we find life once caught soak. But we feel insecure for the wrong belief that we are the cause of all problems, and worse, a both of us somehow feel that the only person on Earth who passed these tests failed, even though we know very well that this belief is silly.

  To change something that resists all beings, possibly due to fear of the unknown, continue in the things the way that performance we used it involves less risk.

We sometimes refuse to be changed, even if we realized that the lack of change us can perpetuate the problems that we are trying to overcome them and to understand very well that the pain that We suffer if we changed the least of which we suffer if things remain as they are, we will continue to oppose that we do things in leaving .

    In the 1992 presidential election, for example, polls indicated that voters are not enthusiastic about a candidate, to the extent that they oppose other candidates, voted 58 percent of voters to President Clinton’s interest, but only 43% admitted that the damage would be in the United States if it continued on this course would be the largest n the damage would be if changed. That was enough to give Clinton a chance to win the election.

    We must take advantage of this information in dealing with change.  By increasing self-doubt when we confront a serious challenge and for the first time, if we become aware that we are dealing with a fear of change, it will help greatly in overcoming it. If we know that resistance to change is inherent to every human being, and that face each of us, and we must overcome, we tried the courage to try something new.

  There are specific things you can do to proceed in a positive and healthy image of yourself and to take responsibility for your life, and live it your way. You can apply the following seven techniques for flying solo:

   1. evaluate yourself and then accept: never seriously review the strengths and weaknesses, and select what you love for yourself, and dislikes.

   2. check your values and principles: do you have the values and principles of clear and specific according to live always?

   3. calculate ventured: reduce risks through informed thinking in alternatives but don’t be afraid to try something new when odds of success in your business.

    4. learning from to fail: the errors are not immortal, learn them, and moved them to another challenge.

    5. live in the future: do not sink into the past, to revive the failed tests, or trying to win your mind n to previous achievements.

    6. choose effects Positive: 

    7. A student with respect: If you don’t like the way you treat others with you, tell them so. tell your friends and family and colleagues you expect them the same respect and appreciation that has them.

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