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  If I get to that I was happy, and then when they realized what they want, they return to the starting point and asking for more. I know a man did everything in his power to marry a certain woman and is now trying to get rid of them. And there is a friend who wanted to have a child, now complains about his three children. But the truth is that this is the nature of human beings, taking into account that the tension may be useful to a certain extent, then it becomes deadly, and this tension is useful examples:

– A hard-working manager until the end of the project in time, of course, face the stress, and he has to accumulate work pressures, but this kind of stress helps him to finish his work on time.

– Student Nerd diligently till succeeding in the exam, he Vigil at night, and wake up early to Nerd This kind of stress is assisted to achieve the certificate to seek it.

Some people are full of stress practicing sports such as boxing, wrestling, or skiing over ice, but they enjoy it and make them enjoy life.

“Tension does not kill the happiness in your life, on the contrary, tension helps to achieve”
Dr. Peter J.hanson

And stress can affect people of altered their hobby, and their job, and their environment. The each one of us has been the victim of tension in the stage of his life, but when he reaches this tension range, it leads to frustration and anger, anxiety and high blood pressure and headaches and heart attacks and other deadly diseases.

In 1977, the International Science Foundation in the United States study found that stress is one of the main problems that affect our daily lives, and it can lead to mental deficiencies, physical, social, and it causes the loss of $ 10 million a year is spent on hospital beds, days without work, compensation, and cases of premature deaths.

– Which is better: too little or too much:

   “Life is not just to be alive, but to be in good health,” Marshall

Is the tension useful or harmful to us? Sees D.peter j.hanson in his book fun tension : “very little and too much, both of which harm in,” one of the directors and who works late every day lost his health, his family, and his personal life, will become nervous Like the manager who It works, and the boss does not stimulate and  heaviness his a lot of work.

Tension over-limit reduces the productivity of the individual and makes him lose focus and confidence in himself, which affects his feelings, and his state of mind, and thus may cause the incidence of certain fatal diseases.

The tension is very little, the person who used to work all his life, then retire without work, he feels the loss of confidence and lack of self-esteem, which may cause fatal diseases, if this person could not in two years to work in any activity that restored some tension required and useful to him, that in the opinion of D.hanson.

If the tension of comparable gravity as a reality in our lives, so why should not people try to put him in mind?

Why do people deny that they do not they are going through? And why they think it is something that affects others, and they do not suffer?

It is not in our power to remove the tension, but we can control it and learning how we can eliminate the bad effects. This goal of this post is to be able to control the tension, and strategies are made in defense of yourself. You must first identify the tension, and to recognize that located underneath.

So you need to be your conscious mind aware of the order, so that the unconscious mind can defend you against stress, and will be so in a way mechanism. This way you will be able to enjoy a happy life because you will be subject to tension, employed to achieve your goals and access to success.

– The causes of tension:

“There is no tension in the world, but there are people who are thinking about things of concern” Dr. Wayne

The reasons for the tension of altered attitudes and circumstances could be the reason lies in your own life and your working conditions, your health, or financial circumstances.

In a study of 300 managers in 12 different company, Dr. John H.howard decided: “that there are four major characteristics that can lead to tension when executives”

1 – the deficit:

It may feel a managers of helplessness and it is not about him and do not force when they can find the right solution to a problem, but he can not because of company policies to make a decision himself, but he has to wait until his superiors issue a decision, which creates the sense of frustration and helplessness, and thus the tension.

Herodotus great philosopher said: “The most common types of pain when bitter one, is to have a lot of knowledge, but it does not have power.”

2 – doubt and uncertainty:

Usually, problems encountered working non-specific, which may cause a kind of uncertainty, when the Director that a decision taken based on the information is uncertain, or the work is a clear policy, it would be difficult in front of him because to take the appropriate decision and the right, causing tension.

3 – Stress at work:
Of natural range Action Director between 55 hours to 65 hours, a week and most presidents are focusing only on the results, regardless of the number of hours worked by the Director, this stress at work creates tension, and may also cause some problems and difficulties in the life of Director Personal.

4 – urgency:
Mentions d. Howard: “The manager is doing different every seven minutes on average,” Projects or urgent reports to cause a lot of pressure on the manager, leading to a sense of tension.
And also he says: “The poor management is the main cause of tension in the life of the manager if the boss lacks the necessary skills and the ability to plan, nor does it settle opinion, and can not deal with others.”

in addition to the previous four reasons cited by d. Howard, I see that there are seven other reasons:
1 – lack of power:
When the manager feels that it upon himself to a lot of responsibilities, but with that decision-making does not have to make any adjustments or changes, this would fall ill with tension.
2 – Upgrade:
The Director nervous if it is not confident of receiving an upgrade, and if you do not feel reassured on his future career.
3 – Unit:
Managers may try to keep all his problems for himself in order not to carry his wife or his friends more burdens.
4 – Lack regulation:
When a disorganized Manager, he always looks for its files, reports, and car keys, then each accused him of causing the loss of things or take them, which feels tense…
5 – Appearance:
Director appearance has a direct impact on his feelings, if the bad food habit and suffers from obesity, it feels that its appearance is inappropriate and that he can not change his appearance, all this make him feel nervous.
6 – Pain physical:
Director may feel nervous if he was suffering from pain in his body, such as stomach ache or a headache, or even a seat knee collision causing him pain.
7 – emotional pain (psychological):
Director, which may feel nervous to lose Dear, a loved one, or the experience of going through a divorce, or separation from a loved one.
Do you Pass through one of these situations?
Did it cause tension in subordinates?
– Signs of stress:
             “Listen to your body because it tells you everything about the silent killers”
Where now you may already be familiar with some of the main reasons why the tension Let us know together on signs of tension:
– Loss of appetite
– Voice rise heartbeat
– Excessive food
– Aggressive
– A headache “pain in the head.”
– Frustration
– Forgetting
– Anger
– Restlessness
– Neck and back problems
It could go on this list more of the symptoms, but you have to be able to follow the signs and be dealt with quickly.
When you feel unable to relax, get angry quickly, when things do not go on the breeze, and feel tired of less effort, find it difficult to focus often memorable for things, often works even without results,
many worries…
These are all signs indicate that you fall under the tension, and it is imperative that you do something about it.
– Self-defense against tension combination:
“Great man be assured, free from anxiety, while men narrow-minded, usually be tense” Konfoiius
Here are some of the most effective ways to cope with stress and overcome it so that it can be employed to your advantage rather than a negative impact.
1 -Authorization :
When subordinates engage in some of the tasks of daily routine, you will be able to give yourself more time and opportunity to deal with the most important things.
2 – regulation:
When the system work atmosphere prevails around you, your time and your priorities, and when subordinates to help organize their work, will be able to avoid falling in many of the situations that lead you to the tension.
3 – teamwork:
 When prevailing work team spirit and participation in decision-making, it will raise the burden for you, reducing your exposure to stress.
4 – anticipate situations that may cause stress:
Anticipate those situations that may make you tense, and get ready in advance, for example, management meetings, and your meeting with your boss, or subordinates.
5 – Beware talk with the self in a negative way:
If what frequency you heard yourself the following statements: It is difficult, why is all this happening to me? Why lurks my major? … Tell yourself out loud: stop !! Faced negative talking this by highlighting the strengths and control your talk with yourself and will be able to overcome the tension…

6 –  order to stress:
Face to yourself the following questions:

– What is the worst thing that could happen to me?
– What might happen to me?
– What is the best thing that could happen to me?
Say to yourself will take care of this matter.
log problem .. and five possible solutions to them.

7 – ideal
Taken a person you admire him, and have a degree of wisdom and ability to solve problems easily, and this person may have personal knowledge of a person you know or may be of a personal-making imagination. When you experience a problem, imagine you are this person, think the same way to reach solutions to your problem.

8 – breathing 4-2 – 8 system:
Sit down and focus your attention on your breathing.Make sure not to be a bother for ten minutes at least.

– Take yourself through your nose slowly and counting to 4.
– Keep yourself and count 2.
– Self slowly out of the mouth and count 8 and then say Sit back now.
– Repeat this for 10 times at least.

9 – peace of mind for 10 minutes:
Retrieve your imagination at the time, where I was at the top of relaxing and remember where you are.

– Sit or stretch comfortably.
– close your eyes.
– Your imagination traveled to the place you prefer.

10 – Exercise:
The School of Medicine at the University of Masacejusch a study of 3,000 executives on how to cope with stress, and was the predominant answer is exercise.
Devoted to yourself physical activity daily to pay your tension.

Finally, not enough to know how to deal with stress, but must do something about it and be positive.


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