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All your actions regardless of the identity, whatever position they occupy issued by the Stimulus element inside you whether this positive or negative Stimulus.

1 – What is the Stimulus? And what does it mean?

    “The main task is the responsibility of one’s life, is that happening and there  are the  same, because when you are a catalyst, the performance level is the top and vice  versa” Arash Fromm

And is an act issued by the desire to achieve a particular goal or when you experience the challenges and changes that you want to talk about here, you better be at the top of Stimulus seeks to achieve your goals without obstacles or failures.

2 –Stimulus process:

“Perhaps the wonders of life that if you refused all that is without the top
                        level, you  always  Up to” William Somerset

And pass Stimulus process these points:

-The desire: motivation starts with a desire for a better life.
-Imagine:  imagine you check your dream and you are already experiencing.
-Talk to self: happened yourself gives you the power and provoke you and say I can.
-(Implementation) and make sure they are doing to achieve what you want.

3 – Types of stimulus

 “There are a lot of possibilities to the novice, but there is little the expert” Suzuki

There are three types of stimulation

A – the primary incentive to stay:

This incentive covers all the primary needs of food, water, air. And it is very important to be creative and diligent in your imagination have him going strong and excellent results.

B – external stimulus:

This stimulation comes from abroad it may be from an article I read seminar I attended or words
Reputation or praise I received this, and the misfortune that human beings depend on these enhancements to the feeling of being appreciated by others.
James says “If you are waiting for praise others, you’ll become Sidon easy trick”

C – intrinsic motivation:

This is the type species of strength and continuing influence and effectiveness is because you are driven by your own high goals…

4 -Effective ways to motivate yourself:

                       “There’s always best to perform it all the way, you just have to find them,”

You have to learn how to motivate yourself until you have the ability to face challenges with confidence
Infinitely full control and here are five ways to motivate yourself, namely:

1 – setting goals (select your goal … is something I do every day brings you closer to the target)
2 – Self-Development (try to get out of boredom and apathy area) Enrich yourself.
3 – practice private interests own hobby because they lead to a stable and a better life.
4 – Privilege Club idea is to find you a total of Friends at work or outside of work
Meet with them every week discuss with them about specific topics of interest to you and ye shall find solutions They develop self and strengthens the debate to have.
5 – daily achievements … Book your achievements in the daily log book and read it …. permanently
And continuously.

“Many people may accept advice, but only wise men are the ones who benefit from it.”                                                     Pablelios Sears

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