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Perhaps you know the number of times that I intended to begin the exercise to stay healthy, then become tired about it because you think that one exercise two hours every day, for example, and you do not know what are the exercises that you have to do it from the ground up, you do not want to adversely impact the destruction of your body instead of building it because of ignorance !.

The alternative, which I find very suitable for all age categories and their diverse leisure, is a method developed by Marc Laurin to build “healthy” body first, “athlete” second, you can use it as you want on anything you want.

Marc Laurin 
Marc Laurin is a military physical training specialist, training that is used by many units of our army as a backbone in their training. This has allowed him being trained hundreds of elements of these troops, to monitor the effects his closely for over ten years, and develops them whenever necessary.

As expected, those military background is not caused by their training the body has a good appearance, but only ! out the bodies that are based sound manner that ensures the performance of the vital organs functioning perfectly under all possible conditions. The external appearance will come as an inevitable result of such exercises.

If you have read a book “You Are Your Own Gym“, you will find that it says at the beginning, “I want you to understand, I am Unlike many authors of books fitness, do not train movie stars and celebrities television nor respect their lifestyle look decent their body.”

Featured training does it require Any special devices for industrial performance, but all you need is your body! is your Hall that follows you whenever you analyze and go!. Maybe you need a few books as weights or towel in some exercises. It’s purpose exist around you always.

Why replace the machines in the flesh?

The philosophy of Lauren in his training by using the human body that we do not know a lot of facts and information about the possibilities of our bodies, and for this we spend millions in hardware industry useless if you compare what your body can do for free.

In contrast, we leave the smartest sports machine might find free day around you, you can’t be in any place without your body!. And that adopted their fitness from the first Olympic athlete’s Greeks and even special forces elements in modern armies did not practice in iron or heavy that they bought to train at home!.

He says Colonel in the US Air Force John Crane in the introduction to the book Lauren “Chorznniger to the world in the seventies may Ozarornold how important galleries sports gym, so it is said to have opened Chorznniger a thousand gym !. Now is the time to demonstrate the value of the human body and what it can do. It’s the new fitness revolution! “.

How to benefit in practice from Mark Lauren?

You’ll find writing a detailed explanation with pictures for each exercise which, in addition to several programs ready for training, each of which runs for ten weeks, to start immediately aware!. You’ll find an explanation of the methods to perform the exercises in a separate chapter before such programme

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