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 We were offered a previous post in the key 5 to success ” Act “, and today will dive into the reasons that prevent people to put their potential into action.

There are two reasons that prevented people put their potential into action:

* The first reason is fear: Fear is the main enemy of the human person and the first obstacle that prevented from acting to realize their dreams .. and there are four types of fear:

  – The first is fear of failure. If that person had been a failed experiment certainly will avoid repeating the same experience for fear of lack of success,and this person can be programmed at a young age, not risking any other adventure, and maybe he has lived all his life from childhood and noted that his father worked in the same job all his life, repeating the same work every day, and maybe his father had advised him to follow suit so as not to fail.

  – The second type is the fear of lack of acceptance. This type is the reason that people avoid making any changes in their lives can result in rejection and acceptance.

  – The third type is the fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown can they prevent us from acting.

  – The fourth type is the fear of success. It is possible, of course, be surprised if people feared success, but this genre really exists when some people and in resolution themselves think that success means pain and divorce and cheating and unity, so fear of success can prevent people 
from implementing their ideas.

* The second reason that prevents people from acting is procrastination.

 Some of us take the postponement of duties which should be undertaken and remains postponed to the following day, and the next week and so on. If you have a goal you wish to achieve, and at the same time feel that there is something preventing you from acting, looking for the real reason behind not taken in execution and ask yourself:

What might prevent me from acting?

What is the worst thing that could happen if already acted?

What is the best thing that could happen if already acted?

Now try to remember how many times you experience difficult situations in your life and you can skip.

In NLP we say “there is no failure, but there are experiencesAnd in an article in the Wall Street Journal editor said “don’t worry,but first you have to worry about lost opportunities when you don’teven try to try It is not important how many times they have failed in the past or how many times have occurred, but the important thing is to act now and take advantage of any failure have happened to us in the past ..

 The past is a treasure that contains the wisdom and power must learn from any failure may be passed by and not make it like a painting that read “stop” .., beginning with the disposition of the day no matter how people talk or whatever their actions and you need to give less attention
 to what they’re saying and more attention to achieve your dreams. 

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