Change .. the real fact of life 0

          ” What I am concerned  to not Get better in the areas of  superiority, not to take 
              the advantage in the areas of superiority, not Take advantage of all that I studied, to
              know what is appropriate and the right thing, I can not I change to achieve it and 
              to be unable to process Places my failure and my sacral ” 

The change is a positive point in a person’s life, where is the power inherent in the human being to become better and achieve what it seeks, but …

  •  Comfort zone and insensitivity:

                “That every human being has the right to Venture with his life in an attempt to 
                   save them,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau ..
Change is a reality of life, so it will remain and constant, change is the way to growth and progress and reach new heights, and that helped the institutions to continue, and is the key that it achieved successes and gains If the change to this degree of importance and efficiency, then why not welcomed by a lot of people? Why corresponds managers change the type of negative and defensive attitudes against him? And why he Huars great philosopher: “If you want to have your enemies, you have to try to change something” to answer these questions (lies in the fear) fear of the unknown, of failure, and of adventure, human nature makes us love stability, tranquility, and safety.

Some people may welcome the change, but the vast majority of them strongly Resisting because it takes them out of their comfort zone and insensitivity, These people may keep up to do certain jobs in the same way, and for a long time. So they were worried in the face of change, because it forces them out of the comfort zone and insensitivity, and run an adventure. And they prefer to continue their lives, and their work at the pace of one no matter how long their age. So they have to do anything the face of change and help them to avoid taking any kind of risk.

But the change lasting, permanent and whether we wish it or did not want. If you look around you will notice that everything is changing, and changing constantly. In nature, seasons are changing, and the atmosphere changed.

Look at yourself you find that your life changes, your tastes change, so your needs and your desires change, your job and your position may be verified due to the change.

Note the technological changes that have occurred in your field, you have Telephone more complex, fax, and highly sophisticated computers. And in the field of medicine to find new ways of treating you discover every day, so it became an important change for the continuation of our life.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “We will gain strength and courage and confidence by every experience they stopped at first fear. Able to say to yourself:” I have lived through this terrible and I can face what comes with the Fates position. “You must do the thing that you think you will not be able to do.

If you know that there was a fundamental difference distinguishes managers distinguished from others, it is the skill of mastering change. Foreman successful is the one that begins to change and do not avoid it or trying to adapt to it if interface… We need to be faster and more flexible in order to adapt to all conditions that you find in the labor market. We have to run the risk and to learn from our past experience, and of those who have gone before us. And we are trying to adjust our objectives in continuously until we reach the hoped-for and desired results.

And the goal of this chapter is to provide you with effective skills that enable you to cope with change and adaptation, and that helps, that welcomes the change, and have mastered the arts, and the methods by which knows you begin to make a difference.

The more I knew more about the change, the more accepted it more, and made him a part of your daily life, and when mastered the art of change, you can achieve greater success and creativity and to become richer.

  • Five reasons why people hate change:

 “There is nothing remains but to change” Hercules

There are many reasons why people abhor change and feel uncomfortable when confronted. And origin in all of these reasons is due to the method of education, and how parents interact with the change. For example, if someone grew up and was raised in an environment receptive to change, it will be prepared to accept it in the future, and vice versa.

Our values and our beliefs affect our behavior towards change and make up our actions towards him replies, and in order to be more specific and accuracy give you five reasons managers avoid common make the change:

 1 – Doubt:

the manager always expected loss that may result from the change, and it is always repeating “no point in it,” or “We’ve tried this before,” and in order to make him feel the same sense, we find the reasons on which will make the change lead to failure.
Shakespeare says, “that our doubts and our fear make us afraid of things that we could we win it.”

2 – Risk Disclosure:

We find that the manager focuses attention on the loss of time and money to make a change. For example, it may be calculated for the establishment of three new areas will need to be 3 people, the cost of each one of the 25 thousand dollars a year. This, with the possibility to achieve each of them $ 15,000. Director was considering the risk that the spending that amount of money and not risk not spending. As John F. Kennedy said, “Any program of work involves a lot of risk and cost, but it is much less about what may result from the awkward business safe from the dangers and costs of long-term series”

3. getting used :

A lot of people wonder why they did not achieve the best results they keep repeating the same way.

4. Fear:

The fear of feeling normal? And it may be useful in some cases, but if it becomes an obstacle to the exploitation of fear Our capabilities, we must confront and conquer him, Director feeling of fear may prevent him from accepting the change, and make it do anything to stop it. “Living in fear will never be free.”

5 – social rejection:

Of the main reasons for the unwillingness of some managers in making the change, it is a concern that seems funny silly in front of others, and that is being rejected, and then it looks for support from everyone, even the implementation of the change.

  • The five principles that must be followed when making any changes:

“All that man-made, he can change it,” Frederick Morvinson
I present you five steps to be followed so that it can accept the change and welcome him:

1 – Make a basic rule change in your life, and also in the life of your team

Try to talk about the change on an ongoing basis and daily, Send your feedback to your team urging them to create. The newspaper publishes a newsletter every week or every month new news.
This way you can make subordinates accept the change, and be learning how to adapt to him.
And therefore, when the change actually happens will feel that it is normal and natural process.

2 – Give yourself and your team a sense of freedom

Do not make yourself trapped or constrained by a complex policy, procedures and long. But let the subordinates are pressing the amendments, and they change what they see as necessary.

3 – Decal subordinates between different sections based on the organization Base

When a person is appointed as the production rate to be 60% in the first year rising to 70% in the second year, then to between 80% and 85% in the third year.

This percentage drops to only 30% after ten years, and it is consistent with “Peter,” which states that the rights up to the level of incompetence, and the manner in which the base can be overcome by it, and the increase in the rate of productivity, is that we are moving between the various workstations.

4 – change  places things around you

From time to time, Cupboard files convey to a different place, it is your office room furniture system, is the form of your feedback and makes them take a different form. Simplest change can make a big difference to happen.

5 – Make your meeting takes on a new form

Let Subordinates a meeting, for example, starts, or select a new place to hold the meeting, and so
on …….

My point of view is very simple, if I was able to play minor changes on a daily basis, will be able to face the biggest changes, and mastered adapt.

  • How do you make your business team to accept change?
The only way to grow is to accept the change, adopted the principle that “another step forward, and that human right is a risk-free”.
1- Put a detailed plan
2 – Put a time frame
3 -Put a full explanation of the plan in a clear manner
4 – introduce this explanation in a positive way
5- Explain what will happen to change the detail and its impact expected
6 – Give a copy to each member
7 – anticipate potential objections, and be prepared to answer them
8 – Be prepared to accept the results
9 – Be is present (participation with them)
10 – take responsibility whatsoever Results
11 – Start-up bit by bit
12 – Be flexible, and try to necessary adjustments occur whenever need be until you reach for success
Perhaps you realize that the risk now may come back with good results.
Try to go out of their comfort zone because it is a dead zone.
Adapt to change and learn, and be a friend to him, try to expand your horizons even check were not
learned or entices the imagination.
            I mastered the art of change…

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