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There are lots of kinds of food that contain high percentages of sugars, but during the training you  need a lot of nutrients that are balanced in terms of nutritional value and low in sugar harmful, the  solution is a fruit, and there are many kinds of fruit, which is very friendly to those who want to  inflate the muscles and reduce the weight.

the banana :

Banana fruits that contain carbohydrates, it is in the breakfast re-store your diet muscle Algilakojin, who is also very useful for the renewal of energy stocks in the muscles, is a great source of potassium, which reduces muscle contraction.

Cranberries :
 There are a lot of scientists that cranberry and contents of an anti-oxidant, especially frozen it also is present in abundance in the supermarket, the body benefits from it a lot in the fat-burning and the production of calories needed for training hours.
Kiwi :
When you ask any player where you build muscles get too much vitamin Corange you say, but there is Kiwi has large amounts of anti-oxidants which helps to burn fat during exercise and vitamin C  necessary for the body.
Apples :
A lot of studies have shown that apple peel contains Ursolic acid, which increases the burning of fat as well as increased muscle blocks, with low levels of sugar, but the only drawback is that most of the fruit, which retains remnants of pesticides more than other fruits.
Avocado :
Is the fruit of fruit contain a large number of proteins and up to 13 g, according to a lot of players to build muscle, and also a large amount of fiber, which is the main source of fat heart unsaturated
monounsaturated useful words, you can drink it or eat it directly through power.
Watermelon :
Watermelon is very important acids it contains, it is useful to build muscle and amplified because it improves blood flow and allow more food and stimulant to the blood which works on recovery, and also helps to relax the muscles very healthy way.

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