Keys to Success 4 :Visualization

   Attainments and achievements today are the Visualization and dreams of yesteryear.If you thought about it a little and you look around and noticed high-rise buildings and large ships and aircraft, and if you notice your surrounding things like Phone and computer and fax, television and photocopiers and radio, you find that everything has its day was one daydream and fantasies of people..Visualization is the starting point for any success, and is the primary factor for any achievement and the most beautiful thing in our imagination and our dreams as limitless.
George Bernard Shaw, said, ” imagination is the beginning of innovation.” In a television interview with  Boxer Muhammad Ali was asked about how he arrived at excellence in boxing. His response was “I learned long ago that being a high efficiency is not sufficient, but must have the imagination
 and dreams.
  Also, Walt Disney began the work of animation in his home and was in the beginning with his partner, but the company soon failed and declared bankruptcy, and as a result, Disney sold everything they owned and bought a one-way ticket to California and stay with him barely $ 40 plus the nipple, then established a new company in California and encountered several obstacles, and suffered from depression twice and tried to borrow from friends, but failed several times, And looked around it mocks, but never surrender and continued in his dreams and his attempts to become dream truth today worth billions of dollars. And he himself has said, “you can dream it you can achieve it.”
Since everything happens lasting in mind first, so when you see yourself as successful and strong and be able to achieve your goals and believes in it in your heart and feel it inside your feelings you will create your dream self-force and will help your subconscious abilities which no limits to achieve
your dreams.

Now, what is your dream?

What is the thing bargained for more than anything else in this world?
Perhaps your dream is to start your own work or to travel around the world or writing a book or so possibilities of a new invention idea were fermented in your head and you always defer the implementation of the idea.
 There are great ideas die even before they breed, and so for two main reasons:
The first thing to prevent people from achieving their dreams is the so-called “sweet poison” and may risk this name in my mind when I went to the zoo, I saw a snake and very beautiful, and wrote on the motherboard installed on the snake house “risk” .. and was surprised how It is something beautiful in this form contains such a deadly poison inside.
As for people in “beautiful” will poison coming from their enemies, where they complain of others to try to tear down them, but the opposite is true in “sweet poison” comes the people around them and interested in their friends or neighbors or even family because they provoke them every reason for it to fail, and how they will be prone to sarcasm and ridicule if they implemented Some people can criticize our dreams out of jealousy, and often criticize dreams without consciously based on their values and personal beliefs regardless of our values we, and although their advice be honestly grown from inside but cause a lot of mischiefs just like beautiful snake with deadly venom.
The second thing and the main obstacle that prevent you from achieving your dreams is you yourself. Dr. Robert Schuller said in his book the power of ideas “the only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your thoughts you personally”
Do you remember any time you want to do something, and you say to yourself “I can’t do this “and convince yourself to leave this dream. What prevents you or me or prevent anyone from achieving your dreams? And the answer in two words “safety zone”
“The safety zone” is about things that see for long enough and many times and feel comfortable and secure when you repeat them again, and if we have idea or dream hole from the security zone we would be concerned, discomfort, and we will discuss the reasons for which this idea will succeed,
and give you numerous reasons why this idea will succeed, but the only one who has the power to accept or reject what you are told.
Start today and dream big dreams.
Read about the Stories of successful, and I feel Bnajehhm, and imagine yourself check their achievements, warn of thieves dreams, warn the “sweet poison” does not give the opportunity to anyone and not even for yourself or anything that to claim or robs you of your dreams .. Let your
 imagination swim at whim because the imagination has the power that can help you change your life.

4 factors to building an effective team

Before the President or Director in the composition of the team starts, we should pay attention to several factors very important, in order to be an effective team and distinctive.
These factors are:

1- confidence
You are the Commander, then you must be grown in your team-confidence in themselves and in the entity to which they belong.The most serious threat to the entity team and dislocate their columns are lost confidence, questioning the ability of individuals to carry out their duties and their belonging to the group.

The successful team must spread confidence among its members, and must ensure that the work of the group will help them achieve their goals, and they together will do the impossible and making lots and lots.

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2 – give everyone the right to interest and appreciation:

The effective leader understands well that the instinct of humanity has always looked to who cares about and appreciates, so don’t neglect appreciated and all members of his team.This is not and as it should urge the members of his team to pay attention to each other as well.

3 – full discipline:
Staff will not succeed in his mission unless the team members a genuine desire and serious to participate in the required termination of work, and it is necessary to clarify the team’s mission for members and explain the reasons for choosing each member, with an emphasis on members of the necessity to be Mrihan to express their feelings with regard to their participation in the mission, and try to address any reservations they may have another. And preferably it shows the team members rewards and incentives that will be provided in the case of successful completion, and to make sure that Members know that the service within the team may be expressed to the more challenging tasks.

4 – Belief in the importance of cooperation:
Collaboration, and put hand in hand, and we do accomplish and produce more, we must believe in teamwork this matter.And all of us must be aware that the interest of the team above the individual, and that the collective success is the goal and objective.

When aware of the team these four tools to build a team, and when these factors become an integral part of their lives, they will be more powerful and effective, because their team is based on the forces can stand in the face of any problems or setbacks might hinder the way, team spirit will go towards all the success that is not bounded end.


Self confidence : Daring or lack of literature?

What is “daring” and its relationship with “self-confidence”

“Audacity” in reality are said and done right without fear of anyone, and is indicative of the spirit of courage and “self-confidence” and “strength of character”. But unfortunately, few literature betrayed the mask of “daring” and became the person assaulted or speaks insolently called bold and has the”strength of character”. And licences that circumvent few literature use the mask of “daring”, “freedom”, the freedom of expression and freedom of criticism.

Every human being has the right to cash was right or wrong; because the man is either desirable or something Esthjnh. It is normal to have an opinion that there is nothing wrong under the pretext of human criticizes the statement and “self-confidence”, but criticism by cynicism and contempt or insults and verbal abuse in the name of daring is ignorance and ignorance!
 It is a way unclean and inhuman. The Cynic critic or Ahatm in fact does not carry people to understand his mind and convinced him as far as he knew himself to Doakhlh and meanness. Often differs from human cursing him in a silly way of thinking, Fterah interfere with the qualities and Tabaiah, form and way of sitting or gait or other trivialities that people do not increase it only averse and it is not considered “self-confidence”.

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Criticism and “freedom” and “self-confidence”

In this way criticism Ka indicated not “self-confidence” and sheep is a form of satire, if the critic systems vindictive verses of satire and Farazdaq and Jarir competed was good for him to be called “daring and insolence” to deceive people by the name of “freedom”.

“Freedom” which expresses the highest meaning of existence, this “freedom” does not mean freedom of honesty, truth, justice, morality. So Emanuel knows (as human independence from anything but the moral law).

 Usually associated with true “self-confidence” .

Lack of literature or “self-confidence”

They claim it’s “daring”, but is in reality rudely and “low literature”! Unfortunately some people have walked the walk, they approach this level, and they talked about length and the Castle. What it is, that’s who they call”bold” with culture and science or who called the writer and Dr. Allan! Find

a modern talking ignorant educated, not looking for disadvantages people highlighted and uses flimsy arguments weak, exhibits non-decent road route science learnt alleging “self-confidence”. Becomes a pen that is the best tool for good way to infuse the evils if asked science to tell you that from experts!
Therefore, the true image of man is morality but is the first diplomas, identity and personal identity card. This is a clear indication of the lack of”self-confidence”
“The lack of literature”, whether the word bad or unjust criticism or the art of falling or otherwise can’t influence people even became masked by mask, because people are affected by speech sincere and kind words which derives its strength from the heart and “self-confidence”. A few rogue literature in Audacity does not comply with its owner to create, not to mind, and the so-called mind mind only because her sense of what is not worthy of the words and deeds.

No honor nor the value of the word without the sincerity and the secretariat  at the beginning or written. “Audacity” and “self-confidence” does not depart from the limits of tact and literature does not mean abuse and defamation and the absence of minds and morals.

Search for happiness

“Search for happiness” derogatory sail trip when you arrive at a state of inner and outer harmony, represented tranquility and serenity and satisfaction and gratitude.

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The journey begins from the inside first, “happy” feeling generated by us! It must be the feeling of “happiness” for us an indispensable choice, lonely no alternatives.See ya, how can this equation in my life? And what is the way to make me the infield when eventually we drive into one “happy” at the end?

How to plant the seeds of “happiness”, and what are the existing stations in the “pursuit of happiness”?
Have you tried days that feeling of “happiness” extraordinary effort and struggle she crowned him hit your goal?What is the amount of “energy”, “positive” generated inside through a sincere smile painted in old days helped him?How was your rig and you little boy and voices his laughs filled the postponement of the return echo plays throughout your body joy, “his Excellency” and satisfaction? Many questions will answer them in our next

1. plant seeds o f” happiness” in your heart and life, and water them to blossom

You can draw the contours of “happiness” and planted inside your heart. But watch out! In “real” happiness cannot blossom unless pave her place in your heart, they are “positive” energy “source purity so it can grow on the ball or hatred or selfishness or compared. Make love and tolerance breeding for “happiness” sow love and cooperation within you, Watering planting thanks and gratitude and satisfaction, and you will reap the fruits of the “real” happiness inside you.

 2. “Find Happiness” guidance “energy”:

Is it possible to wonder if the “energy” directing?

Hope your life. Refer to archive your actions. I wonder how it behaved when you are faced with a negative attitude? Well, that was your choice, “happiness” you must be ignored much as you can those miserable feelings and turned the helm of your thinking toward resolving it. In this case, it may be invested “energy” and her in the right direction, and earned an additional asset of the “positive.”

Also are you happy right events given in your life?

If you are on your way to “find happiness” it must be to keep your senses open to any moment of “happiness” that pass in your life. Sensed splendor, its importance, and signed in yourself, and you feel grateful to them.Do not let it pass normally, the sun radiance start a thread!
We agreed, then, that “happiness” sourced from certified decision internally.
 But are there other factors that will help us to strengthen this feeling? let’s continue …
3. internal flight in the mysteries of the soul and body condition in the “pursuit of happiness”

In our journey towards “happiness” there are many things you must know, the most important of the human component of body and soul and all requirements that should not be overlooked. If we have achieved a balance between both have come a long way from our trip in the “pursuit of happiness”.
4. spiritual relationship with the creator will make a qualitative leap in your journey to “find happiness”

Studies have shown that people of the believers by God Almighty, who connected their lives with the creator, are more people “his Excellency” and Reza; because they derive power from the most powerful source of spiritual, God Almighty. When human senses his soul link such great energy “from creator Almighty Disappear him all the difficulties, and own tranquillity and satisfaction and joy, and feel his steps on the way toward” happiness “.

5. did you know that the quality of your food had a significant impact on mood and thus feel “happiness”

The body’s basic needs should be to balance the real sea of “happiness”, body need healthy eating necessary for vital functions.That good health care and continuous exercise great impact in achieving happiness, emotional stability also plays an important role in the balance.

6. social openness station is a must to achieve “happiness”

It is necessary to move away from the isolation unit and ensure that there are positive loving friends in your life, let your friends happy specifically impact your life; that your mix of happy humans infect “happiness” to you and gives you the “power fantastic” positive “you forward and enrol in your journey to” find happiness “.

And don’t forget, ineffective assistance as diesel is able to fill the warehouse of “happiness” and you top up b “energy” needed to complete a route and the “pursuit of happiness”. You can help in many ways and variety not only substantial assistance, but you can find happiness through very simple steps. They smile, volunteering to help in the completion of the work is simple, your calming children frightened. Always remember that does not confine “happiness” in the limitations and restrictions.

7. “Law of Attraction” and the strength of “imagination” in the “search for happiness.”

Treasure trove is the “subconscious”
There are many behaviors that we want to leave it. Despite the conviction of the need for change in our lives, we find ourselvesunable to commit to and achieve this change despite the presence of effervescence sometimes, why?

Who is responsible for the change in control of our thoughts and our behavior and our actions?
The “subconscious” in charge of controlling and by more than 90% of our feelings and our behavior and our perception of things.
 If the “pursuit of happiness” our purpose we must first make a real difference in our lives, and this is done from the inside of .. “subconscious mind.”

“Programming” the subconscious feeling of “happiness” and “search”
Watch yourself. How to deal with your issues? What words say?What kind of “ideas” you? Is it “positive” in the same trench “your Excellency”, or simply “negative” thoughts?

8. adventure in the “fiction”

Live in a world of excitement and thrill in the world of “imagine”For best results, there is an effective way to engage and “programming” subconscious “is” fiction “, which you visualize the situation or
 condition or the” conduct “desired by every detail and emotion. And our situation is to achieve “happiness”, and the trip is “pursuit of happiness”, then you have to start with “fiction” which should start by putting yourself in the case of “happiness” that seek them. Do not stop at a certain limit and do not put obstacles, but unleash your imagination and your feelings so sensitive to the taste of “happiness”.

9. “positive” Dambyng ring:

We all want to maintain that situation that we were in a happy position, feelings of “happiness” that we were in that position. See how “the subconscious” must return to us those wonderful moments, and makes us stop time to maintain that level of “happiness”? A kind of practical applications that would do so,  Dambyng ring. This process is based on the separation of the senses and “programming”
 unconscious mind “energy positive” by applying exercise 12 times a day. You should perform this process on a peaceful comfortable away from “negative”. After relaxation and deep breathing, then draw a circle fake, and never mention the coolest event in your life, and then retrieve the”happiness” of those moments, imagined like occur now micromanaging, then towards and within the circle and the complete event and bring live and interact with all your feelings with him. When you get to that stage of “energy” and “positive” press pressure light with your hand and then get out of the circle.

10. last station on a journey “Find Happiness”
“Happiness” standing at your door, do not overlook it stands even open her door, and dared open the door and flashing in your way for “search for happiness.” Be honest in your decision, Mark and “happiness” are endemic to your being, give it my permanent residence in your heart and your life, you do not put in temporary visitors box. Also directed towards others, give them “happiness”, give them love and attention and do not wait return. Plant fruits of “happiness”, and believe me you will 
be the biggest beneficiary.

The goal is “happiness” meaning that there is no place for unhappiness in your heart. “negative” is unacceptable for you, even if I lived a frustrating circumstances. The mental trial pay budget for the outcome of the are you installed waves “negative” and succumbed to your circumstances and swept the darkness in your life, as it would when investigating the source of light and directed emotions and energy.

successful entrepreneurs :The 10 keys to success

  You are in conversion and you are interested in entrepreneurship? The entrepreneurial mindset builds and develops around skills that are initially more behavioral and operational. The balance sheet of the 8 + 2 entrepreneurial skills which you will avoid to enter too of mussels and help you to carry out a business creation that looks like you.

1 – The passion

Passion does not necessarily mean that an enterprise should be built around a passion, but rather that it is built with passion. And this passion which is the engine of the action arises from the values we are honoring through this work.

2 – Work

To set up his own, it‘s work.Those who imagine that they will be able to take it easy wrong and most of the time,
 one of the difficulties encountered by entrepreneursis to stop workingand allow himself a little rest from time to time. However, tosucceed, better know to take both soi little care of ourselves.

3 – Expertise

Being good at what it does. Even very good. And become expert in his craft is a subtlemixture of 
practice and lifelong learning. Those who believe have arrived at a stagewhere they can settle for experience tend to stagnate and become trapped in thelimits of their expertise, which is quickly becoming a collection of ideasAs an entrepreneur, it is also important to know if surround themselves with experts whocan delegate what we know not not want to.


4 – Focus


Being focused on its objective, it is whether to focus on each of the objectives that itset itself,
 but also have a vision in the short, medium and longterm development of the company. 
Being focused on this vision does not mean that it is frozen or engravedin marble: it can be adjusted
  depending on the circumstances and desires. Keep inmind allows to have a cap and not navigate to the fishing expedition.


5 – Exceed its limit

Always go a little further, Yes. Develop skills, beyond doubts, overcome any shyness ,Yes. On the other hand, Richard St John encourages them to surpass themselvesphysically, leaving it doubtful, because this can quickly result in the acceptance of anexcess of fatigue which leadsmostly to a drop in efficiency and a
 risk that ‘later’tobecome quickly “too far“. Attention to the possibility of burnout.


6 – The value

Offer products that bring real added valueHope to take market share in bringingnothing more that competition is illusoryYou wanto succeed in inventing needs ofconsumptionwhich
 is substitute to the real needs of human beings is unethicalbecause psychotoxique. The value is the real benefit of the product for the customer.




7 – Creativity

Innovate: in responding to the needs of the still more relevant customerInnovate byinventing new ways to publicize its products, through davanatage of how I me istake “as of”is this realistic”Innovate in drawing lessons from the disappointingexperiences and relying on it to generate other strategies.

8 – Perseverance

Of course, but not no matter how. Back one hundred times on the craft a book thatdoesnt,thats not
 the perseverance, it is a strategy of failure. So persevere in deliveringthestrategy in question if it 
does does not, and adjust it untilit gives satisfaction.Persevere, it also will begin and go to the
 end despite the criticisms, the bore,thepisse-vinaigre.
ES 8 points are an integral part of an entrepreneurial dynamic that allows tooperateautonomously 
and escape codes for fearful ideas receivedto allow himself to createhis own path. Add two points which correspond to relational and operationalThreesomes, base ofall our successes and which complement
the 8 previous points to create the portraittype of perfect small contractor (which grand deiendra):

9 – The relationship to oneself, the other and work

Indispensable to build a coherent project in if wideband on what really drives usbelievingin yourself 
and in its ability to bring it to fruition, share it and to live withassurance and conviction.


10 – Action



Have a strong capacity to act is critical to the success of a company. It developsthroughthe strengthening 
of self-esteem that arouses the desire to move to action ,as well as through the triplette:

    – Assessment of the situation    – Decision    – Development in action

which is then repeated: evaluation of the result, decision on adjustmentsimplementation, etc.


Keys to Success 3 : the skill

The ship’s engine malfunctioned and the captain tried to do everything he could to fix it, including the appointment of the best experts in the field of the steamers, and failed allhis failures. In ahdalayam, during the discussion of the captain of one of his aides about the same problem someone approached
 him and said to him, “sorry to bother you, I see that the steamer off 10 days ago, and out of curiosity I asked one of the crew told me that its engine malfunction and needs to be fixed. Do I still need one does fix it? ” … And without hesitation, the captain said, “Yes, why do you ask?”. Individual men saying “I do” … And surprisingly appeared in the captain so that this person did not look for any signsthat an alia steamers … And captain took him to the place of ship engine and legacy and continued watching from afar He drove the man out of his pocket a small hammer and started knocking on the engine blows various different and could hear, and touch the engine and the consideration to the possibility of different engine, and finally a motor part ways and link the nail was loose and surprised the captain the ship engine began to work again and the captainbecame very happy and asked “How do I do this?” 

The man replied with a smile and “skill”. And the captain handed a paper written by only one numberone thousand dollars. The captain considered the paper and said to him,“thousand dollars for work for ten minutes. Please explain this to me And the man replied and said “gladly” and another paper hand to him “one dollar versus the motor road hammer and $ 999 for I knew precisely where you must do it in the road”! From this, we see that the skill of this guy reverted it with $ 1,000 in 10 minutes.

There are those who say that there is a link between success and knowledge or skill, but it is only a matter of luck. But let me tell you “if I threw you into the sea and you can’t swim, I assure you that you will have a delicious meal of fish”!World records and said American writer Simon having the knowledge or lack thereof can constitute our destiny,” Francis Bacon said, knowledge is power itself” The more knowledge you have been visible among the people and they ask you what you think about their problems and are waiting for your advice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “If someone can write a better book than books or to preach better or even to make a trap for mice better than that when his neighbor, and then builds in remote wilderness, people will arrive successively to receive knowledge”.


Knowledge is power, and by the knowledge that you will be creative and you will have more opportunities to become happy and successful. With knowledge rises degree your intelligence and unfolds the mind of the skyline and new areas.Knowledge is of two types: learn or know the source of the information.

 I personally believe that we can learn from anyone and anything anywhere. I have learned from school and I thought this is enough, then I learned from the University and I thought that this was enough, but I discovered that learning is a continuous process lifetime is as long as we stayed alive, and there is an opportunity to learn more and for a better life every day, so I never missed an opportunity to learn anything new, I learned from nature the time course is impossible, and that hope always exists In Sunshine Sun and better tomorrow. And I learned to fight and patience and determination of the Ant who doesn’t stop working.

Did you know that we are today, more than ever, we all have ways and means of obtaining knowledge. Lectures, studies by correspondence and official study through which you can get a Ph.D. Any access to knowledge has multiple ways and variety.

There is a search conducted in America showed that teenagers spend about 39 hours a week in front of the tv while the adults about 30 hours per week. Imagine?This means that most people have the concern is watching tv and then complain so much that they are successful and don’t have time to read. If you used this time to learn and master new skills they can become rich and happy, so you do not work


the employer pays you money in Exchange for your time, but it pays you for the value of your time, so some people up to a six-figure income, and there are also getting the minimum wage. You can increase your income by expanding your knowledge and information, and through the value of the services, you provided.


What is charisma…How to become a charismatic?

What charisma: charisma Greek origin word means gift or divine preference, it refers to the large and overwhelming presence gravity enjoyed by some people, is the ability to influence others positively link them physically and emotionally and culturally, extraordinary authority, personal charm, personal 
raise loyalty.

Despite the difficulty of finding a precise definition of this word but it can be associated with certain personal and say that the charismatic has abnormal abilities in leadership, persuasion and other families, they also feature the ability to inspireothers when you contact them, attracting more attention than usual.

Who is the charismatic?

That person is here to stay in memory, never forgets, whether we like it or hate it enormous abilities are boundless, notably the control. When the offset of interestsince at first glance. His ability to stay in your memory and your senses and feelings.Once that sits with a group of people or converse, it draws attention to, and be the focus of attention of the onlooker. And even more so that each sees or chafing him trying to keep his actions probably unconsciously or perception in many cases.

It’s very social, energetic man, witty, lovable, adores the challenge and change, not standing in front of something, deep thoughts, his attitude and a certain ideology, self-confident, capable of persuasion.

And charisma might show politics (as in Guevara’s personality and Kennedy and Clinton and Churchill and Gandhi and Mandela) or in the area of religion, or sport (as Michael Gordon Beckham and Zidane) or sensations (such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson) as there is a very large proportion with movie stars (to call them Hollywood journalism degree title of demigods. Although the old theories were believed in divine charisma and her adjacent person from birth, but recent studies have proven beyond a doubt that
charisma is thebehaviour and actions of learning and acquisition with perseverance and diligence.

It has been estimated by Professor Richard Wiseman of natural charisma part by about 50%, while the rest isacquired by practice and learning. Professor Richard Wiseman also explained that there are three factors that makecharismatic personality:

-The sense of deep feelings.
Ability to pass feelings towards others.
Immunity against external charisma.
How to become a charismatic?

Ziegler has emerged in his book provides peak performance (Top Performance) discussed by both Stanford and Harvard University and founder of karnidg. This research shows that85% of the reasons for getting a job (and then maintain and progress) is related to the skills and knowledge of individuals in communication with others (not technical capabilities) so that it can recognize the importance of personal development and develop their capacity in dealing with others.

Some thinkers have managed to extract a set of factors constituting the charismatic. Despitethe ambiguity that surrounds the charisma but he can characterize (or steps) one approaching more charismatic whenever they collect more and performed perfectly and serious upheaval. With these qualities comes we research and analysis (book of charisma hierarchy):

1.Never Imitate Others

2.Self Confidence


4. Get in touch with your emotions

5.  Match your body language to your speech

6.Think before you speak

7. Speak with conviction

8. Treat people as they want to be treated


Keys to Success 2: Energy

When you are on a high degree of enthusiasm, high energy  Isn’t it? Motivation provides you with energy, but you always need something besides motivation to generate a large amount of energy, and in this part, I will guide you to the greatest means that you can increase your energy in an efficient manner.

People can be categorized into three types as I think :

The first type:

      Are people successful in all respects? Working hard and smart and eat healthily and exercise regularly and always make enough time for them and for their families and stioun to live healthy and balanced lives.
Type II:

       Are people who focused on their success and their major goal in life is to work hard and expand employment and wealth creation. Indeed they thrive physically, but that success comes at the expense of other areas of their lives, For example, the system is unhealthy food, smoke, drink tea and coffee addicts,
listening and maybe abusing alcohol and rarely have time to engage in any exercise and permanent complaint that there isn’t time for anything other than work and they are always busy because of work commitments.
Type III:

       This kind of people is living his life in a vicious circle is a group that starts her day with a cigarette and a cup of coffee and then begin their fight with traffic back to work and come back another day to home to deal with the fastest meal to eat regardless of nutritional value and watching television until victorious them sleep.Understanding with the cigarette and coffee throughout the day, and rarely think of any sport, and after all that mourn their fortune on their weak and deteriorating health.
    These three types of people exist everywhere in the world, to the point that some traditionalists in America found that one of every two Americans die of cardiovascular disease and one out of three dies of cancer these people fall in the trap of upgrading their lives rather than life actually lives, said Georges
Bernard Shaw “a healthy mind in a healthy body, you must upgrade both to live a healthy life.”
To find out together now are energy thieves:

First energy thieves: it digestion
    Did you woke up the morning after a deep sleep for 6 or 8 hours or up to 10 hours and still feel tired? … If that happens, one of the main causes is poor digestion. It may be dealt with a hearty meal and went to sleep immediately afterwards, in this case, the body is awake and engaged in the digestion of fatty meal which was devastated by the strength, and  the same thing happens when dealing with a great meal at breakfast, over 80% of the  blood tends to stomach to help digestion, and if addressed another meal in four hours you are straining your body too much which causes lack of energy you have.
The second energy thieves. Is concerned:
    When they feel unsafe for anything work-related or social relations, and remain permanently thinking about this thing. What happens is that the actual energy will plunder a part of physical and emotional energy even fed the thought process, and therefore feel that your energy is low.
The third energy thieves. Is stress:

When you strain yourself too much you will feel tired and feel a lack of energy.

How to increase our energy?

 There are three main types of energy: physical, mental and emotional.
Physical power:
 Consists of breathing and diet and exercise.
Mental energy:
  When you have a specific goal you want to achieve is usually excited and have generated very high energy
. Identifying goals and determination to achieve them are the primary source of mental energy.
You should start writing your goals, and confirm for yourself Nick you can achieve these goals. And in this way increase the level of mental energy.
Emotional energy:
 Programs such as yoga and physical seizure of meditation and the “Tai Chi” are excellent ways to increase emotional energy, and could get similar benefits to the benefits of this software at no cost, and sit in a quiet place,breathing softly, feeling his way of breathing, and imagine your body swimmer in the air up and down with your breathing, movement and thought in man she loved doing it, and you will feel tranquility with high emotional energy.

What is the best muscle building exercises or fitness?

  Some people prefer to do fitness exercises outdoors, while others prefer registration in Club to strengthen muscles, but what are the benefits of each type of risk to human health, and can combine them helpful or harmful?

Confused a lot of people who want to practice the sport of choice among fitness exercises or muscle strengthening, and wondering which is better for human health and what is the optimal duration for doing exercise?

The answer to these questions is not always easy because each type of sports has its advantages. But for starters, arguably is, whether one chooses to walk or run in the park or engage in bodybuilding Club that will benefit health and help strengthen immunity to diseases.

Prevention of cancer
Studies have shown that muscle strengthening exercises or fitness training both reduce blood pressure. It should be noted that these studies found no difference in blood analyses, although made to persons exercising different sports.

And appeared to all persons interviewed experience a slight improvement in cholesterol in the blood sugar level also have also declined. These studies concluded that the fitness and bodybuilding provide protection against heart disease and artery and prevent type II diabetes and cancer as well.

But for people who don’t want to just improve their health, but sports a higher rate and density than they take a decision on the sport they want to exercise, fitness exercises lead to burn more fat but not contribute greatly in building muscle. By contrast, consumes the body of athletes practicing bodybuilding exercises a lot of energy and burn fat even when you relax.
For bodybuilders is another benefit, “in addition to muscle strength also muscle density grows significantly,” says Michael Berenguer, Professor at the Institute of exercise science at the University of Cologne, Germany.
For each type of benefits

In many cases, health experts recommend combining physical fitness exercises and strength. Scientific analyses have shown wide in 2012, that combining two effective than only one type only, as the body loses more weight at the same time, the practice of both types of protection from injury and especially at the level of the back because of muscle strengthening exercises.

But drew more athletes during exercise their diversification, because a lot of fitness training impairs muscle building and strengthening, in contrast, did not affect muscle exercises to perform circulation.

“The combination of fitness exercises and power leads in six to seven weeks, first to strengthen the muscles just as occurs when only the sport of bodybuilding”, explains researcher Patrick sports.

But it also underlines that the then declining muscle mass, clearly because of fitness exercises. Whether bodybuilding or fitness exercises, experts emphasize the important issue is that sport alone is insufficient to reduce weight if not accompanied by a healthy diet. And sometimes increases the weight of some junior athletes despite exercising aerobics, they actually burn fat but at the same time increasing muscle mass.

6 steps to get rid of belly fat

Fat is accumulated and positioned in the abdominal area, the sworn enemy of any woman want to get a limber body, the abdominal fat problem they need to plan for effective elimination depends on oneself.
And the first step that you should know to get rid of an abdominal protrusion, keep the following tips that will help you defeat the belly fat.

Low-fat diet

Not equal diet and exercise enough is the main reason for the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and can not get rid of the fat in that area without diets and sports supplement.
So make sure that your diet contains a lot of fiber, such as apples, strawberries and plums and peaches this dryer for fruits as vegetables must contain cauliflower, broccoli and carrots, beans, and at the same time the proportion of protein intake of lean meats with focus on eating a few pieces of meats such as chicken and beef fat-free.
Also make diet containing complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat and legumes, with an end to fried foods and fast foods and red meat.

Drink water

As far as drink enough water is what will lose him from the belly fat, drinking water helps to reduce the speed of the accumulation of abdominal fat, then the vital role of water in itself and is promoting the work of the liver which helps to burn fat naturally, and from here you should always keep your body moist for losing belly fat quickly.
For more diversity and not feel bored, drink different natural unsweetened juices.

A little walk

Exercise cardio exercises that focus primarily on the heart and blood vessels, necessities, which must take into account the calorie burn spam.Does not require sports hiking, just enough to go to market without the independence drive, besides walking, even for a short time help lose belly fat, it also stimulates circulation and makes your body full of energy until the end of the day.


There is no requirement to go daily to gyms to lose stubborn belly fat, you can practice some meaningful exercises at home but keep the practice of things that should not be tolerated. For example, daily exercise abdominal exercise is known even though only 15 minutes, if you want more achievement in getting rid of belly fat, try to participate in swimming lessons for one day a week only, and you will discover the difference really.

You can also participate in aerobics classes, dance movements for rhythm drives and burn fat.

The omission of some of the fast

I do not hear the advice of some of the need for the omission of one of the main meals, to get rid of belly fat, that advice is totally incorrect! Lack of eating three meals normally works on disrupting metabolism, thus affecting the rate of burning body fat, so eat unpeeled eating your main meals taking into account that the last meal at 7 pm and if not you should avoid lifting your hands from the food before 10 pm Max.


Try as much as possible to reduce the number of teaspoons of sugar you Add them for your drinks, sugar is the enemy of good shape, so try as much as possible, relying on fresh juice unsweetened, with gradual dose reduce sugar intake whenever possible.

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