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The world is changing and evolving rapidly and there are many, many paths and trends in life that we stand sometimes in front and we do not know what direction we walk, and determine your direction in life may be the most important decision for you,but before he acquires confused and do not know what direction to go must know yourself first, you must understand yourself and strengths and weaknesses aware of your personality, what you like and what you hate, and what your interests, What your interests and your skills and your values and your beliefs,You need to do a fact-finding mission about  yourself,Sink into the depths of your heart and  you know exactly who you are?

      This is not easy, but the following questions help to get the job done, take a pen and paper and answer for each question of the following, Trust me, this training may  reveal to you things that were not expected:
       1-  Am I happy?

       2-  Am I proud of what I am doing business?

       3- Do you work in a field that I love and I was hoping to work in it?

       4- What My interests and the things that Love her?

       5- What thing you enjoy doing more?

       6- What your goals, both in the workplace and beyond?

       7- What type and nature of work who would like to do it?

       8- What thing that can do brilliantly

       9-  How people look at me and what they believe Me?

      10- What my strengths?

      11- What my weak points?

      12- Where do you want to live?

   After answering these questions, We bring the most important part, promising to read answer each question and then ask yourself  “why”  and repeat this with each answer.

     When you ask yourself Why do I act or I think or I believe this, this will help you more depth and more In your personality for understanding yourself, and when you know yourself you will know exactly who you are and in what direction it should move.



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