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Search for happiness 0 31

“Search for happiness” derogatory sail trip when you arrive at a state of inner and outer harmony, represented tranquility and serenity and satisfaction and gratitude.

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The journey begins from the inside first, “happy” feeling generated by us! It must be the feeling of “happiness” for us an indispensable choice, lonely no alternatives.See ya, how can this equation in my life? And what is the way to make me the infield when eventually we drive into one “happy” at the end?

How to plant the seeds of “happiness”, and what are the existing stations in the “pursuit of happiness”?
Have you tried days that feeling of “happiness” extraordinary effort and struggle she crowned him hit your goal?What is the amount of “energy”, “positive” generated inside through a sincere smile painted in old days helped him?How was your rig and you little boy and voices his laughs filled the postponement of the return echo plays throughout your body joy, “his Excellency” and satisfaction? Many questions will answer them in our next

1. plant seeds o f” happiness” in your heart and life, and water them to blossom

You can draw the contours of “happiness” and planted inside your heart. But watch out! In “real” happiness cannot blossom unless pave her place in your heart, they are “positive” energy “source purity so it can grow on the ball or hatred or selfishness or compared. Make love and tolerance breeding for “happiness” sow love and cooperation within you, Watering planting thanks and gratitude and satisfaction, and you will reap the fruits of the “real” happiness inside you.

 2. “Find Happiness” guidance “energy”:

Is it possible to wonder if the “energy” directing?

Hope your life. Refer to archive your actions. I wonder how it behaved when you are faced with a negative attitude? Well, that was your choice, “happiness” you must be ignored much as you can those miserable feelings and turned the helm of your thinking toward resolving it. In this case, it may be invested “energy” and her in the right direction, and earned an additional asset of the “positive.”

Also are you happy right events given in your life?

If you are on your way to “find happiness” it must be to keep your senses open to any moment of “happiness” that pass in your life. Sensed splendor, its importance, and signed in yourself, and you feel grateful to them.Do not let it pass normally, the sun radiance start a thread!
We agreed, then, that “happiness” sourced from certified decision internally.
 But are there other factors that will help us to strengthen this feeling? let’s continue …
3. internal flight in the mysteries of the soul and body condition in the “pursuit of happiness”

In our journey towards “happiness” there are many things you must know, the most important of the human component of body and soul and all requirements that should not be overlooked. If we have achieved a balance between both have come a long way from our trip in the “pursuit of happiness”.
4. spiritual relationship with the creator will make a qualitative leap in your journey to “find happiness”

Studies have shown that people of the believers by God Almighty, who connected their lives with the creator, are more people “his Excellency” and Reza; because they derive power from the most powerful source of spiritual, God Almighty. When human senses his soul link such great energy “from creator Almighty Disappear him all the difficulties, and own tranquillity and satisfaction and joy, and feel his steps on the way toward” happiness “.

5. did you know that the quality of your food had a significant impact on mood and thus feel “happiness”

The body’s basic needs should be to balance the real sea of “happiness”, body need healthy eating necessary for vital functions.That good health care and continuous exercise great impact in achieving happiness, emotional stability also plays an important role in the balance.

6. social openness station is a must to achieve “happiness”

It is necessary to move away from the isolation unit and ensure that there are positive loving friends in your life, let your friends happy specifically impact your life; that your mix of happy humans infect “happiness” to you and gives you the “power fantastic” positive “you forward and enrol in your journey to” find happiness “.

And don’t forget, ineffective assistance as diesel is able to fill the warehouse of “happiness” and you top up b “energy” needed to complete a route and the “pursuit of happiness”. You can help in many ways and variety not only substantial assistance, but you can find happiness through very simple steps. They smile, volunteering to help in the completion of the work is simple, your calming children frightened. Always remember that does not confine “happiness” in the limitations and restrictions.

7. “Law of Attraction” and the strength of “imagination” in the “search for happiness.”

Treasure trove is the “subconscious”
There are many behaviors that we want to leave it. Despite the conviction of the need for change in our lives, we find ourselvesunable to commit to and achieve this change despite the presence of effervescence sometimes, why?

Who is responsible for the change in control of our thoughts and our behavior and our actions?
The “subconscious” in charge of controlling and by more than 90% of our feelings and our behavior and our perception of things.
 If the “pursuit of happiness” our purpose we must first make a real difference in our lives, and this is done from the inside of .. “subconscious mind.”

“Programming” the subconscious feeling of “happiness” and “search”
Watch yourself. How to deal with your issues? What words say?What kind of “ideas” you? Is it “positive” in the same trench “your Excellency”, or simply “negative” thoughts?

8. adventure in the “fiction”

Live in a world of excitement and thrill in the world of “imagine”For best results, there is an effective way to engage and “programming” subconscious “is” fiction “, which you visualize the situation or
 condition or the” conduct “desired by every detail and emotion. And our situation is to achieve “happiness”, and the trip is “pursuit of happiness”, then you have to start with “fiction” which should start by putting yourself in the case of “happiness” that seek them. Do not stop at a certain limit and do not put obstacles, but unleash your imagination and your feelings so sensitive to the taste of “happiness”.

9. “positive” Dambyng ring:

We all want to maintain that situation that we were in a happy position, feelings of “happiness” that we were in that position. See how “the subconscious” must return to us those wonderful moments, and makes us stop time to maintain that level of “happiness”? A kind of practical applications that would do so,  Dambyng ring. This process is based on the separation of the senses and “programming”
 unconscious mind “energy positive” by applying exercise 12 times a day. You should perform this process on a peaceful comfortable away from “negative”. After relaxation and deep breathing, then draw a circle fake, and never mention the coolest event in your life, and then retrieve the”happiness” of those moments, imagined like occur now micromanaging, then towards and within the circle and the complete event and bring live and interact with all your feelings with him. When you get to that stage of “energy” and “positive” press pressure light with your hand and then get out of the circle.

10. last station on a journey “Find Happiness”
“Happiness” standing at your door, do not overlook it stands even open her door, and dared open the door and flashing in your way for “search for happiness.” Be honest in your decision, Mark and “happiness” are endemic to your being, give it my permanent residence in your heart and your life, you do not put in temporary visitors box. Also directed towards others, give them “happiness”, give them love and attention and do not wait return. Plant fruits of “happiness”, and believe me you will 
be the biggest beneficiary.

The goal is “happiness” meaning that there is no place for unhappiness in your heart. “negative” is unacceptable for you, even if I lived a frustrating circumstances. The mental trial pay budget for the outcome of the are you installed waves “negative” and succumbed to your circumstances and swept the darkness in your life, as it would when investigating the source of light and directed emotions and energy.

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How to Manage Stress with these strategies 0 36

There are many variants when it comes to stress. Coping with life, and carrying the problems that may or may not belong to you can scratch away the little joy and happiness that you can carry once you head out that door. You can’t blame them for being like that; they have their own reasons, so much like we have our reasons to allow stress to weigh us down. They say that stress is all in the mind, well, what’s bugging you anyway?

Is unavoidable in life, it is important to find ways to decrease and prevent stressful incidents and decrease negative reactions to stress. Here are some of the things that can be done by just remembering it, since life is basically a routine to follow like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. You can do a few of them in a longer span of time, but as they say– every minute counts.

Managing time

Time management skills can allow you more time with your family and friends and possibly increase your performance and productivity. This will help reduce your stress.

To improve your time management:

• Save time by focusing and concentrating, delegating, and scheduling time for yourself.
• Keep a record of how you spend your time, including work, family, and leisure time.
• Prioritize your time by rating tasks by importance and urgency. Redirect your time to those activities that are important and meaningful to you.
• Manage your commitments by not over- or undercommitting. Don’t commit to what is not important to you.

• Deal with procrastination by using a day planner, breaking large projects into smaller ones, and setting short-term deadlines.
• Examine your beliefs to reduce conflict between what you believe and what your life is like.

Build healthy coping strategies

     It is important that you identify your coping strategies. One way to do this is by recording the stressful event, your reaction, and how you cope in a stress journal. With this information, you can work to change unhealthy coping strategies into healthy ones-those that help you focus on the positive and what you can change or control in your life.



Some behaviors and lifestyle choices affect your stress level. They may not cause stress directly, but they can interfere with the ways your body seeks relief from stress. Try to:

• Balance personal, work, and family needs and obligations.
• Have a sense of purpose in life.
• Get enough sleep, since your body recovers from the stresses of the day while you are sleeping.
• Eat a balanced diet for a nutritional defense against stress.
• Get moderate exercise throughout the week.
• Limit your consumption of alcohol.
• Don’t smoke.

Social support

     Social support is a major factor in how we experience stress. Social support is the positive support you receive from family, friends, and the community. It is the knowledge that you are cared for, loved, esteemed, and valued. More and more research indicates a strong relationship between social support and better mental and physical health.

Changing thinking

      When an event triggers negative thoughts, you may experience fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, rage, guilt, and a sense of worthlessness or powerlessness. These emotions trigger the body’s stress, just as an actual threat does. Dealing with your negative thoughts and how you see things can help reduce stress.
• Thought-stopping helps you stop a negative thought to help eliminate stress.
• Disproving irrational thoughts helps you to avoid exaggerating the negative thought, anticipating the worst, and interpreting an event incorrectly.
• Problem solving helps you identify all aspects of a stressful event and find ways to deal with it.
• Changing your communication style helps you communicate in a way that makes your views known without making others feel put down, hostile, or intimidated. This reduces the stress that comes from poor communication. Use the assertiveness ladder to improve your communication style.

Self-confidence is the key to happiness 45 131

          Self-confidence is not a gift from heaven, we are craftsmen. Similarly, we built a temporary or chronic lack of confidence following an unfortunate event or untoward behavior on the part of others. 

In all cases, it is not inevitable, then take our trowels and hammers: Martine Teillac, psychoanalyst, gives us 3 keys to build self-confidence:

Set self-confidence

According Direct 8, 75% of people lack confidence.  Who has never felt uncomfortable facing a given situation, often without daring to say and whose professional projects found themselves  hampered? deficit, even minor, self-confidence can transform certain actions to be undertaken
 in energy-consuming tests: talk about yourself in a job interview, convince a potential partner, 
pick up the phone, build or interact with its network etc…
And there is no universally difficult actions to take or not: the uncomfortable feeling will lodge where the lack of confidence is expressed, which varies according to the people. So needless to say, 
“There is nothing to fear” to an anxious person to the idea of passing a job interview because the reason has nothing to do with it.
   In  thesetimes orstandard dictates tobe outgoingand dynamic, it combines a little too quickly the
 lack of self-confidence with shyness.

No need to be an introvert shy back carp release stashed under  rocks to insecure in certain 
Because  confidence is the idea that we have of our ability to cope with a given situation. 
So, it is obviously impossible to feel sure (e) self permanently, because we do not  have all the skills necessary to cope with everything.
However, well known and recognized our capabilities allows you to feel more serene face the vagaries of our professional lives.
The consequences of lack of insurance
The discomfort that results from lack of confidence can generate a good penalizing  relational awkwardness:
  • Hesitant behavior, begging, victimization
  • Devaluation of skills
  •  Convers Ely: over estimation, arrogance etc…
In short, lack of self-confidence can lead straight to failure strategies and procrastination.
Rebuilding self-confidence
The lack of insurance or self-confidence is not inevitable:
Self-confidence is built, is shaped and maintained through technical and practical action. Martine Teillac, psychoanalyst and  psychotherapist, in an interview for Direct 8 says that construction  work is based on three aspects: 

1.  the inner speech

        Let exacerbate our faults and forget our qualities. “The internal dialogue (…)will condition our behavior, explains Martine Teillac.
 It can be very simple sentences, for example, I meet  my neighbor who does not say hello to me and I said “damn I suck (it).” I would have thought ” my neighbor has concerns, she did not head to that”
 and I do not put myself in question. “In other words, in our inner speech repents all that is of the order of the devaluation, the misinterpretation that disparages us and replace those thoughts with 
a more objective speech (not positive), so avoid a crippling devaluation and promote a look at itself more caring and motivating..

  2. building its own scale of values: detach from the past


   “When we had parents who always put his finger on what was wrong, we will tend to do the same. So put the past in its place, reconsider criticism from parents, orders and build our own system of values, our own personal level, “advises the analyst.
Education and those who are responsible have transmitted wagons limiting beliefs that maintain a look and a negative mindset about ourselves. Give them their beliefs and build belief systems of our
 own, which are what we think and what we believe helps.

  3.  passage to action accompanied by talent assessment implemented

The transition to action, even do it in small steps rather than jumping into the deep end of  a sudden is the prerequisite of strengthening confidence because it brings us evidence of our ability every  challenge statement.
Martine Teillac offers self-evaluate, on a scale of 1 to 10, our confidence in specific situations.
 “It’s a safe bet that you’ll rarely zero point of your ability, your expertise or skills“.
 Realizing this, “you’re going to build on the fact that the estimate you were doing yourself  was perhaps not so amazingly severe and in line with the reality of behavior that you implement.” 
This finding supports the move to action, as a result of this awareness and analysis skills,
 resources, skills, talents we have, we are more likely to want to act, including outside our comfort zone.

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